Saturday, February 7, 2015



wah rasa blog dah bersawang juta2,kalau selak jupo sawang, selak lagi jupo sawang, kiikiii

Okaylah, ahkak ngaku ahkak sebok u..
Or seem I thought I macam sebok..
Ko biokan ajelah ahkak dgn ilusi tu eh...

Hari ni terpanggei sangat nak kongsi sesuatu,
Something so dear to us..
Pasai education anak2..

My 2nd daughter has been given a chance to menyambungkan pelajarannya di sebuah sekolah tersohor, tersohor la gak..

Let me start with the simple history of my kids education..

Depa ni sekolah tadika pun start lambat,
5 tahun baru le kitorang terhegeh penganto skolah..
sebab masuk tadika adalah diantara investment starter yg mahei utk anak2..
sapa x stuju akak xnak kawan, kuikui...
Oleh sebab mahei la kitorang start at 5, skip d usual masuk 4thn..
So, yg basic2 kitorang start le snirik kat rumah..
So far, things looking fine for my kids,
Dah anak 3 pun semua lagu tu,
Semua pun doing okay kat school..
All 3 in the first classes in their schools..

Kemdian, came the sekolah rendah..
2 anak kita dah graduated from sekolah rendah (achewah poyo bunyik macam dah abih U)
Both 5A, both Mumtaz,
Both x attended any tuition.. yg berbayo by outsiders..
except tuition wajib skolah..
Buku pun untuk rujukan UPSR,
we bought as we progressing thru on need basis,
abih buku latihan, den boli, abih lagi den boli..
Tapi anak den peliat buat extra latihan..
yang x abih last year den beri kat anak jiran..

So, yes, I am,
I AM one of those parents yang percaya education itu achievable with a reasonable cost..

Berbalik pada cerita anak nombol 2 ke sekolah berasrama penuh tu

Pertama-tamanya berbanyak Alhamdulillah.
She been given 2 choices of a very good schools.
Susah gila nak pilih pada mulanya.

Both schools came with a high price tags.
Pendaftaran, duit makan, bil koperasi...
memang menggegarkan minda.

After choosing one,
Kami mendaftarkan dgn penuh impian semangat bekoba.. :)
Settled mana yg patut,

Then came the necessity needs or so the school said..
Anak dikehendaki untuk memiliki Apple iPad Air2 (gitu la stated in the pekeliling letter)..
Demi the 'future class' project.
Untuk akak yg x berapa gadget forward ni opkoslah rsa sentap sentak dan beberapa sen lain (seperti ada ke sen?.. kiikii)

Then came the invitation ke Annual PIBG meeting..
With duit pibg yg juga menggegarkan minda..
alaa, akak dah terbiasa duit PIBG skolah anak dlm rm50 kaaaan, hihiii

So far, baru nak masuk 4 minggu anak mendaftar,
That's the financial breakdown of schooling her.

I do not know how to comment bout it..
I understand good education comes with a price.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The first step in making room for miracles is to realize that whatever difficulty you are experiencing, you are only seeing a very small piece of the picture. ~ Melissa Casas

Hey awak sumua....

Kesalahan ejaan disengajakan, dengan pesanan n task untuk cari berapa banyak kesalahan bahasa yang saya guna sepanjang saya menaip......................................................................................

ok fine tak payah buat boleh?

Aku mulakan dgn doa yang baik2 saja untuk MH370.. aku tak reti citer konspirasi n watnots..
in weird way, my brain is wired puny in this term..
macam nak  mlotops baca pelbagai kemungkinan,
oleh itu aku serahkan semuanya kepada Allah, qada' and qadar..

Life been pretty hectic skarang..
n i ve been thru some good ups and some downs,
biasalah kan..

aku juga belum bermenantu........................................... okeh, itu terlalu tiba2. bahahaaaa, saja nak tengok korang caught of guard atau tidak.. bahahaaaa..

kepanasan dekat klang ini menjadikan aku mudah mendidih..
jika aku diniatkan untuk dibuat secangkir teh, mungkin munasabah..
namun, tidak..
jadi, aku menghabiskan hari2 aku by being easily irritated dekat org2 sekeliling..
datang hari agak malang aku mulakan hari2 ku juga begitu,..
baru start mandi n kluar bilik air sesudah mandi, ayat pertama kuar di mulut adalah
'dem, its a hot day'
okeh paham?.. betapa panasnya klang ini..

oklah.. been long since aku update blog ku..
ni namanya prektis untuk merapu..

All the best prayers i cud think of, sedar, terucap, dalam hati, terlintas di kepala dan pelbagai bentuk lain untuk MH370. Perjalanan kamu n kita semua ditentukan oleh Allah jua.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yassmine's Big Exams

Assalamualaikum kawan-kawan,
I know my sharing kinda belated n stale..
But yostruli still feel it like it just happened yesterday,

Yassmine, is 12 this year. Just like any kids her age in Malaysia, she's one of the candidates of UPSR 2013. And being a muslim, I send her to SRA school also.
And on the same year same age, SRA also having it's final big exam, same as primary school which is call PSRA.

So, yes, it's kinda a big year for her.
Where the role me as a mom, I nagged her like it's freakin my business seeing her with any books or parchment of paper or anything readable educational anywhere any time.
I bet having me around is more challenging itself rather than sitting for double exams.. kikiiki...

No, I am not that kind of mom who chill back and let Min figures herself what's her plan.
Not that I hijacked her daily life and poured out into her book and dictated what to read, to study ...
But I was the one who standing long kat isle UPSR in book stores and choosing books for her.
I studied as much as her so that if she has a subjects prob, I can be the hero and safe her from the unknown arithmetic or science limbo...
I went to almost all school activities that needing me to be her partner, be it seminars, hajat solats, report card day, sports..
Hell ya I was being supportive.

So, finally when tv news anouncing the result is finally out, I cant help but to feel ngeri.
Since I am not much a fan of 'dah buat terbaik, sure terbaik juga resultnya', 'dah tersurat, so, what we can do now is wait and see'
Not that I am going to marah if x dapat the best, or x bersyukur, or redho..
I mean I need to see the result in front of my eyes on paper,
Barulah boleh bertenang and figure what to feel..
But I know I would be okay with what ever result Min dapat pun,
Be it good or not so good,
She s my beloved daughter, takkanlah sampai nk berhempuk and muncung just because

Alhamdulillah the result is the best a mom could ask for.
Min dapat 5A for UPSR and Mumtaz for PSRA.
Bersyukur tak terhingga rasanya.

(The first picture itu, a tear drop actually rolling down my cheek.. n turun pentas, I was literally on habidud's shoulder crying my heart out, took me 5minutes to stop n really got it off my chest, d pressure of d unknown is finally off..N d 2nd picture really summed up my feeling, I was beaming with pride of her success)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

AM BACK.. hehee (ada org cari kew?)

It's been a while.
Kinda busy with life.
I know I love to write karoot komedia (wah tak sangka i get to use d word, buahahhaa), n my thoughts,
but I kinda kept away from visiting my own blog.

While I am busy living my life,
Few events marked my life.

I rekindled with my ex-schoolmates
which was really an alien idea once upon a time,
Now I have new friends, a closed one, walau dulu-dulu kami tak really berkawan,
Different circles of friends I guess.
But now we are tight.. which is sooo nice,
sgt warmth having them.. cozy even, n cute too, kikiiiii
I mean not that we are cute (jgn bayangkan gwiyomi, dem muntah bubbling at the back of my throat, kamu dah knapa?)
The way we acted like we are still 17 is cute..
All the topics bengong kinda okayed to be talked about, hahahaa,

It's like a miracle WhatsApp brought us together (ini bukan iklan berbayar, segala pendapat adalah telus dari penulis).
When some of us mendapat rejki bulan jatuh ke riba,
Semua sepakat gembira,
When some of us mndapat dugaan, hardships n heartaches,
Never fail friends shoulder the test together,
Be it kind words, kata semangat, monetary......
N bila ada yg bawa beg designer, mmg sah beg itu akan kena harassed.. :P

I mean trying to maintain a good friends pun dah susah..
But here I am, having a second chance of knowing people for d person they really are..
D beauty is we kinda enriched each other..
N we truly enjoy d company..
N without fail, always someone akan cakap after some time, that having us now is fun..

Have to go for now...
I know now, if life gives you chances,
grabbing it might open so many other doors.
The least, if we try, always a lesson to be learned.
Be it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Assalamualaikum semua.. :)

Ingat tak masa saya sebok cerita cerita nak lari Half Marathon dulu..
Pejam celik, pejam celik, tarikhnya pun tiba..
Sebulan sebelum tu saya dah start kecut perut dah..
Training tak cukup, kelajuan tahap kekura buasir.. ko agak cam no le akak nak lari 21km kaaaan

Oleh itu mai akak cerita rentetan kisah perjalanan akak ke event mega akak tahun ini..
Malaysia Women Marathon..

5 April 2013
Habidud called from his workplace. Ajak amik race kit malam ni jugak. after a quick check on their facebook, race kit can be collected till 9.30pm.. Yibbaaaa andreee andreee..Salah satu simple pleasure joining running event is unfolding the race kit pack. sometimes u'll get small surprises, n sometime downright disappointment. Malam itu the race kit was not bad. Dpt razor color pink, pareo, power bar, sun block and sekotak cereal nestle fitnesse. The organizer promised a bag and i thought we kinda gonna get a tote kain bag, instead its only a simple purple bag which other organizers been giving all of this time.

But my biggest form of disappointment came in a form a simple event T-shirt. Datang terhegeh hegeh nak membeli t-shirt event yg design n color yg lawa gila.. tetiba tengok saiz nyaaaaaaa kecik makaiiiih..

wahai pembaca sekalian, anda mmg perlu benar-benar kecik to fit in it nicely and 'babe'ly okeh. The L sizeof the baju, from my super plus size eyes would fit the XXS people. Okeh fine, XS lah..n i was way disappointed. And the cute kelingking size chick (wo)manning the shop say something like 'it will make u motivated more to work out, so u can fit in it'. Heck, aint women come in all sizes. N all magz and books been saying u shud buy yer size, kalau tak kuruih bukankah ia suatu pembaziran?  In my head, celebrating women ya alrite, I felt very bad afterwards and drive back to rumah was a discussion with habidud how its shud be all about sisters supporting other sisters running.  Baju pun tak nak kongsi gitewwww..

En Habidud dgn gambar mug facenyaaaa

7April 2013

Dari trbenamnya matahari, jantung dgn segala tali pusat aku dah berpuntal-puntal ketakutan.. dengan training yg tak cukup, dgn tak pernah lari 21kmnya.. dgn mood yg tak berapa best, aku sampai x boleh nak tido malam tu.. berdegup jantung aku, macam serangan panik okeh..

Tahu tahu habidud kejut at 4am to get ready. Terasa separa zombie pun ada waktu tu. Dgn perasaan yg numb dah tak tahu nak rasa apa, aku bersiap juga. Dah siap mandi bagai dan memakai pakaian lari, Zahra bangun pulak nak susu. Dah siap susu, perut buat hal pulak, pi lak toilet..

Dari rumah lebih kurang 5am. Nasib baik I-City tu x jauh dr rumah. Sampai lebih kurang 5.15 am, parking jauh, berkejar pi starting point. Habidud melantik dirinya sebagai pemegang stuffs. Kain pareo untuk aku bawa masuk kawasan surau, sebotol Perskindol jika kaki aku lelenguh or cramped n sebotol ayor 100+. .

The moment yg ditunggu tp dreaded at the same time kian hampir. Countdown dilakukan, kami pun dilepaskan. Our idea was to take it easily. No secret rival, be nice to other runners n follow our own pace, my pace to be exact.. I trudged steadily. Slow slow aje tapi, before I know it, I was nearing 6km non-stop, a record by its own sebab slalu baru nak masuk 2km, aku dah terhegeh-hegeh jadi mak lenggang, wakakaaaa.. We did our research and planned to stop for suboh prayer kat Seksyen 9..which is at the 8km distance marker. Masa ni blakang kitorang looked like ada another 2 runners.

We stopped for prayer n trus sambung balik. Hari pun dah terang masa ni. Masa ni kitorang suspect we were the last runners. Xde bayang kt depan, apantah lagi kat blakang. N we felt like we were abandoned, sampai terasa takut salah jalan pun ada, tapi bila ternampak distance marker or road indicator baru rasa lega sikit. Finally sampai kt roundabout baru nampak people manning the road with red flags . Lari lagi, masa ni dah mula rasa energy depleting.. beep beep macam ultraman dah ending lawan resaksa.. Sampai at the 2nd roundabout nampak 2 other women runners at the other side of the road heading way back. One of them giving us thumb up and 'Go Go' yell. Thanks.. :)...

We made our U turn, and heading back to the 1st roundabout.. heading to Pej Pos Shah Alam. Here we met
the stronger runners who commit themselves to 42km marathon. They run with their heads held high and few gave us the semangat yell 'You can do it!!!!!!'

Habidud armed with his Perskindol kept on asking me where wud I want to be sprayed. Sekejap I kata kat betis, sekejap kt shoulder blade, hihiiiii, ngada kan.. Habidud kept on saying 'u r doing fine', and 'this is good', and some other time we made jokes, the stupid type one that we usually kongsi..

Lari lari lariiiiiiiii smpailah 13km, 14km... masa ni dok, waaaa, dah 14km kita ye.. Namun bila the last 5 km, badan mmg dah start buat hai.. kekebasan, kesakitan, kemelecetan, segala lagilah..habidud tolong pegang tangan I so that I can still lari lari anak, tapi I asyik kata, jap sayang, I cant..... somewhere in front of ITM, we met one of the 21km runner, a single lady runner.. I said 'Jom sesama kita ke finishing line' She said 'takpe pilah, dah tak larat'... At the other side of the road, Full marathon runners gigih making their way back to the finishing line, kalau kitorang nearing the 21km, diorang ada another 21km to go.. gilaaaaaa kan, tak sanggup rasanya .... I have a mountain of respect for them those runners..

Finally kitorang nearing the last junction, I-City kelihatan di kejauhan.. another elevation before sampai kat finishing line... Bila sampai rasa lega tak trkiraaa, my 1st 21km, and I received my beautiful, beautiful dogtag.. brsama sebuah beg biru yg diisi epal 3 biji, pisang, and Brands pati prune.. Habidud diserang sakit tapak kaki yg agak kronik, kitorang trduduk kepenatan sambil makan pisang in a zombie state..

This 21km is possible coz of

Habidud, many thanks to you, I run coz u run first, if not I dont give an effing care.. U tried to train me to yer best ability.. u forever will be my best pacer, during the run I just knew that I wud never be able to do it alone.. :) ...

Other earlier event - MPIB, Brooks, MAKNA.. and many many more for being my training ground.. n all those generous sponsor.. :)

Kraftfit - for bringin the homegrown compresson suit, I ran with yer pants, I felt that my kaki kurang sore, its magic or maybe its all in my head, but the important thing is, it works.. :). aaa, and its way way way cheaper that 2xu.. :)

People who r passionate with their run the likes of En. Fuad, Karen, Yim, Tey and many others who I didnt get to know better but forever will be my running idols.

Last but not least, me, yostruli doing my version of 'kaki lentik'..

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Malaysia Women Marathon 20km training.

Last Sunday, I was bracing my 1st training for my first half marathon organised by none other than the Malaysia Women Marathon. Ingat yang datang training semua takde cap macam kita.... little that I know.. muahahaaa

Bangun tido pukul 3, dgn tak had a proper dinner apatah lagi carbo loading, I thought all the jingly fat underneath my thick skin would be sufficient enough to fuel my first long run ever.

Habidud hantar drive laju2 ke nun sana Lake Garden. Sampai sana tengok 'humaaaaaaaingaaaai, semua badan sangat lean okeh, kaki siap seakan ada muscle yg menonjol tpi idak le begitu sekali..'

Groups are divided into 2, 20km and 30km, of course yostruli ini nak lari 20km sajork, hehee..

After taking pictures, the run started. They all these kaki lari dah laju gila. Mak yang tertinggal kat belakang. tertinggal aje tak pe lagi, I was having a breathing fit, and it was not even the first 2km.  Then, yostruli dipasangkan dengan pacer, Mr Tey. (a quick check by habidud after sampai rumah menunjukkan Mr Tey is one of marathon lumineries merangkap photographer. Beliau berlari sambil membawa kamera bersaiz bapak gaban). Macam Mr Tey tanya gue.. like 'How many time I run per week' yg jawapan aku telah diberitahu tak cukup sistah, tk cukup, u have to put a lot more training...

Kemudian dikeranakan Mr Tey ini adalah photographer juer maka sedikit sebok dan mana le boleh tertinggl jauh2 mana ke pulak orang yg nak diambik gambar semua dah ilang jauh ke depan, aku telah berpindah pacer kepada Mr Fuad puler...

Macam2 kami bualkan ketika berlari.

Seperti cerita beliau yang dia lari full marathon suatu ketika dulu and stopped for 26 years before doing it again.
Last year alone he did 6 full marathons, the most he ever did in a year.
Yang dia is training seorang ibu beranak dua yg did half marathon for Brooks and tak silap aku going to do her first full marathon di MWM nanti (atau mungkin another half marathon),

sambil itu beliau juer menitip beberapa tips.

  1. Jangan tunduk ketika berlari. Tegakkan postur supaya tarik nafas lebih selesa. maklumlah expanding chest.
  2. Focus on your breathing while running. 
  3. Tangan jangan dihayunkan gaya X, sila hayunkan atas ke bawah seakan kawad. Visualised seperti memegang bulu ayam di tangan, so that u feel that u r light as a feather.
  4. Jika tidak mampu berlari, have an aim. 4 tiang lampu lari, 4 jalan, 4 lari dan seterusnya.
  5. Di water station, feel free to wash yer face even to soak yer head wet. Sangat nikmat okeh.
  6. Please do more than 3 times training during weekdays. Running only weekends is not enough.
Kalau ada lagi, aku tulis lagi. dengan ini tindakan untuk berlari 21km awal April nanti adalah satu cobaan pembuktian yang aku jua boleh buat. Walau berbadan besar mewah dengan lemak. :P 

Eh sebelum terlupa, I didnt make it to the finish 20km. Tak sanggup cerita betapa sakitnya semua bahagian badan, tapak kaki, betis, peha sampai shoulder blades juga rasa nak kipak.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BROOKS 2013, Bukit Jalil


Pada 3 Mac yang lepas,
saya turut serta dalam larian Brooks 2013..

Well, where should I start?

Bangun pagi at 4 am, early meh u said...
emangnya sebab habidud kali ini masuk larian 21km.. dasat dasat kan..
So, as usual, the furthest event will be flag of earlier, in our case it would be at 5.30am..
Maka dgn gaya meluru-luru, bersiaplah kami laki bini...

Sampai kat persekitaran Stadium Bukit Jalil at 5.15am,
cari parking like insane, terus meluru ke starting line..
habidud tak sempat proper stretching, it was like 2, 3 mins dah kena lari..
serious gelabah okey..

Bila habidud dah lari,
It was me yang tinggal melopong,
sebab 10km akan start lari at 6.30am
memula apa lagi,
pi unload the berat thingy from my inside, hahahahaaa
dating ngan mister toilet,
thank god toilet tidak beratur panjang and sistem air semua okay..

Kemudian apa lagi,
pictures snapping,
dah snap post kat IG,
Biiiiiiig mistake on my part,
sebab belum apa2 my batt dah used half,
Gilo ko,
nak lari pakai gps, dah tentu need lotsa power.. pppffftttt

D usual prep before lari..
Jika ada timing chip, sila ikatkan chip siap2 pada tali kasut anda,
as well as the bib, 
sila pinkan di baju

Me loike this picture,
The black board thingy kat jalan itulah d device yg detect runners timing chip..
it made this 'dengung' white noise sound when runners lalu atas dia.. 
techy gila kaaaan.. 

D usual sponsor yang slalu ada time event lari..
thanks for being there..
it quenched the indescribable thirst of many many runners..
Many thanks to Nestle...

Watermelons mmg heaven kalau dapat lepas lari..
tak terceritalah nikmatnyaaa serious tahu..

   yos truli, after event, as usual

Ok, sambung cerita setelah mengulas gambar-gambar...

My 10km run started at 6.30am.
It was a very hot start. Air was stiffed. X de angin, embun jantan u say?... jauh skali ye, embun pondan pun belum tentu wujud.. begitu panasnya suboh hari itewww.
I tried to run as far as my lung could cope.. which is usually hard to achieve di pagi yang sejuk kerana ada tema semput di waktu sejuk malam, meaning i cope better that morning..
I ran quite solid till almost 2km straight.. tetiba ada commotion di hadapan..
one of fellow runner didapati terbaring di jalan..ramai yg membantu, CPR was performed..
I went on forward.. if I stayed nothing much I know to help..

A few routes were gelap dan jalan banyak lopak..
some we ran thru kawasan perumahan,
some we ran thru construction areas..
But the thing that stuck the most in my head was how stinky few places smelled..
Ada bau hanyir di persekitaran construction area sbb ada pekerja kontrak tengah did their wet market aktiviti, and ada bau bangkai dan longkang at few others..
sgt x seronok sebab dem, sure le lari tercungap tarik oksigen kaan..

Uphill juer one other thing that haunt me..
Bukit Jalil is aptly named ye tuan puan..
curses were mildly spitted from my mouth..

Jalan were split with cones, for runners and cars..
But cones itu sgt penyebab hazard.. few runners bulldozed the cones..
maybe because there were 13k runners altogether involved and at one time 25km and 10km runners were  merge.. gila ramai kat jalan the only way to avoid people in front was to go sideways..
maka terlanggar mungkin..

I personally saw a guy runner tersadung and jatuh ke depan,
atas tar pasti kaki sagat kulit sakit gila..
but other fellow runner helped him up..
and his up and run some more....

fast forward..
I done my 10km run 1hour 46 mins..
masa mmg standard aku le teww...
ada jalan?  opkos jawapannya

apa aku nak kata pasal BROOKS 2013?
Bayaran agak sdikit mahal dr other running events..
Cuma dpt running vest which x digemari kerana nampak ketiak last2 jadi baju tido aje x boleh tayang kat luar.. pfffft..
Piala juga bersaiz cinoni apakah besaq tapak tangan kalau nak buat isi air langsung tekak merana tak hilang haus..
makanaaaaan n minuman?.. sgt kuciwa jiwa raga..
water station tiada 100+ menunggu.. apakah? tak patut tahu..
sampai di finishing line sbb dah pernah merasa terus dapat air mineral, epal atau pisang dan roti berkrim pada event lain, di brooks hanya dpt sebotol mineral water sgt menguciwakan..
kemudian kena beratur panjang (as i mentioned before, there were 13k runner altogether) untuk mendapatkan MILO, Potongan Tembikai, Tau Fu Fah, Roti Berkrim sgt memberi tekanan apatah lagi bila dah penat.. bayang nasi lemak atau mi hoon goreng mmg tak nampak langsunggg.. pppffftttttt..

Last but not least,
berita yg belum official is ada fatality..
somehow my heart said the guy yg given CPR by the road side itulah orangnya..
sgt kasihan..

Well next year..
I might not be brooks participant..
gonna b more selective..

sekian laporan saya.