Friday, April 3, 2009

And again..

Been wanting a blog.. but yet again..a lazy, lazy, lazy bum to keep up with the writing everyday..:).. yet it so tempting to have one..

What would I write bout? Makan-makan place?. Probably.. My cooking adventures?. Yes oo yes.... Bout my family activities?. Why not....My favorites TV series and movies?. Interesting..:).. Well safe to say I'll write everything and anything under the sun and stars.. hahahaha

By the way, the hot weather now, really taking it's toll on me. I'm moodier and easily pissed. It's g*%damn hot, hotter than usual.. and my face is forever oily and melengas, kata orang melayu.. who can stand that? I wish hujan will turun soon.. and my house is so usually have just nice tempereture.. never think that we will be needing air conditioner anytime sooner than we should.. jaga alam kononnya saya nih..:).. seriously, I care, and tried to make the best decision, win for me and win for earth..yeah.. hoping this panas wave will stop soon..

This weekends, nothing interesting in the card just yet.. still figuring what's the family's activities would be.. And for my masak2 project.. mm no new idea being mooted.. and i'm just so not that inspired to make anything, not even breakfast, not even lunch.. mm, dinner.. it's only noon.. long time to think.. haha.. tetiba je dah malam and my kids begging to be feed.. haiyaaaa.. malas, malas..aik, baru first entry dah cerita citer malas.. so not inspiring, sapa lak nak baca blog nih nanti..:).. okay lah, sambung later.. sumup the whole day..


nurulhuda said...

my cousin i joining the gala of food blog.. ish ish, ini namanya seksaan tembolok di waktu lapar.. hahha. oh welcome. sila blog selalu yekkk :)

hantumakan said...

hahaha, baik kezen, dgn keazaman saya akan cuba, harap tak hehangat taik toot toot je, hahaha