Monday, April 6, 2009

ASAM PEDAS of my appetite..:)

my love relationship with assam pedas started earlier then i thought. i still remember one of my old close friend asking what the specialties of my hometown. i when pause and blur.. what la sri gading, batu pahat has to offer.. hehe..i think.. she seeing i'm struggling, added that what's my mom's cooking that i love ooo so much, that dish must be my hometown specialties.. then i said, 'assam pedas'.. that when i was 18 but make me realize i've been loving it since forever..hahahaha. apparently assam pedas is claimed as a malacca specialty..

well, after extensive sampling assam pedas (or so i claim, hehe), i love johor version oh so much more. there's so many version of cooking assam pedas, u can put lemongrass or galangal to the already must have spices of shallots, garlic, ginger and tumeric root. there's a version adding up belacan and kaffir lime leaves. some people loves to put daun kesum, bunga kantan or sawi jeruk.

my mom version is so basic that she uses only chilli paste, shallots, garlic, ginger and tumeric root. fry it until 'garing'.. then u add air asam jawa and some plain water.. then masukkan yer isi, sembilang, kembung, jenahak, merah, terubuk, tenggiri, or pari.. you can also do ayam or daging mom once used kaki ayam, hahaha.. i like it still.. hahaha..last but not least use daun kesum, bunga kantan or sawi jeruk..either one will do the trick, skipping it alltogether pun okay gak.. you can also add okras, tomatoes and aubergines as yer sayur.. mmmmmm..salt and little sugar, rasa-rasa lagi until u get the taste rite..:).. once,dulu2 le, my mom add white pepper.. siapa gila pedas, this version is sooooo fiery it make yer mouth mcm nak tanggal.. yet addictive.. hehe..

i learn to cook assam pedas from my mom.. then i adopt chef wan's version, adding kaffir lime leaves and belacan in the chilli before grinding it fine.. sometimes i add lemongrass, sometimes i get the taste rite, sometimes superb yet sometimes so-so.. times i'd do my take.. adding some and holding back few favourites fish being sembilang and the humble kembung, hehe..

sajeee, nak citer pasal my favourite food guys..:), anybody, who happened tau an ikan assam pedas place worthy of trying, tell me.. i would love to sample it..:)

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