Tuesday, April 14, 2009

can i talk politics?

hehe, i know.. it would really be a two cent worth.. but just bare with me..

last sunday, my parents-in-law were lepaking at my house.. and early monday we were having breakfast, and the politic talks started, they being baffled that KJ was not holding any ministrial post..(my father-in-law used to be really active in politics in his younger day, and he's a BN back to back, no other party..)

he said, 'mana boleh khairy tak pegang apa2, tak pernah jadi ketua pemuda tak de post..'

and i tried to point out, 'orang tak suka kat dia le pak, lagipun dia menang pemuda bukan majoriti pun, 2/3 of the pemuda tak sokong pun dia..lagipun dlm paper nih tulis zahid masa ketua pemuda pun tak de post'

he said, 'nih semua mesti pasal blog nih, ' :), yaaaa..haha

and today i went and tengok my young makcik punya FB list of friends, (she been saying the person she voted ada dlm dianya friends' list) and nampak and guessed le sapa orangnya (pretty obvious), and i tengok le FB YB tuh, mm, informative and mind provoking.. menarik tuk ditengok dan dibaca..

i guess people like my father-in-law really have no idea the young minds thinking..it's not anymore 'bout tak kenang jasa, tak perjuang kepentingan malays, do-as-we-told-u generation, his era bersungguh nak anak muda yang boleh berpikir for themselves, pi anto blajo tinggi2.. things like that, bilamana younger generation nih suma ada spine to make their own decision, his era people nih sort of freak out lak..

aku?.. aku suka malaysia yg aman, aku tak suka anwar bawak people mengaruk-ngaruk kat jalanan, but aku pun tak suka kerajaan ignorant thinkin everythin is rosy, there's issues that needed to be address, quick.. aku pun tak suka PAS and DAP yg bersifat extreme.. tpi pun tak suka UMNO yg mcm elitis padahal tak..

but seeing young leaders like hannah, izzah and few more, i get what they r fighting for, perhaps..:).. the betterment of malaysia, i just hope they have their own party, because the one they are riding now, well just saying, too many baggages attached, and i'm not about to vote for them just because i disagree with the government, what will make me think the new one would be any better? people like lim kit siang and karpal scares me. and i'm not even a racist. and nik aziz scares me, hahahaha,.. coz i'm a moderate moslim..

like i said, it's a two cent worth, but i still count for one vote afterall..:)

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