Monday, April 6, 2009

fried seafood black pepper udon by rudin

u guys.. tak really get to ask my husband coz he was busy yesterday and tired and tido early.. hihi.. but i guess i know what he put in his udon.. there's no specific measurement sebab this is he's take on the recipes.. i give u the bahan roughly je kay..

udon mee, ada jual kat jaya jusco, area cincau, fishball, it's achiller area bukan tempat beku tau..
kicap pekat/kicap/kicap cair( he used kicap pekat for warna, and kicap or kicap cair for taste kay)
black pepper sause,u can get brand 'life' if u want
sos tiram

1. panaskan minyak dan masukkan udon mee.
2. masukkan seafood and sayoran.
3. masukkan seasoning. this is the tricky part.. u have to taste to get the rasa... u know what i mean?..
4. pecahkan telur.

err, siap.. kalau tak jadik, jgn mare yeee.. that's how hubby cook it.. hehe

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