Tuesday, April 14, 2009

mengapakah new posting tiada lately?

err, i know, lately tiada masakan poyo berlaku kat dapor saya.. because i was pretty much occupied with the other blog.. hehe.. and pretty much the other blog itu clashing interestnya with this one.. hahaha, yaaaaa, i've been controlling my food intake for the past 3 weeks..yes, u can say i'm on diet.. and not about to ditch it... i'm in the phase of changing my lifestyle, and my thinking and my approach to my daily food and cooking. i still love cooking and love food, but tengah adjust to have a win-win situation here, can't help to be worried looking at me berkembang cam roti..hihi..2moro i already have something in store, that i think might work for this blog, see, adjusting is falling into places in my big jigsaw puzzle life?..there will definately be some days that i will reward myself and family and cook something suppa delish err with suppa calorie to boot, hey, everybody deserves a reward, kan.. and life to be enjoyed anyway, takkan nak mkn daun tetiap hari, that will never be a life i wanna live and be remembered for..

so, come tomorrow, i'll heat up my dapoq and oven, we'll see what will come out of it..:).. cheers and yamseng of green tea, hahahaha..

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