Monday, April 6, 2009

My 10 wishes/things to do with hubby..

When I were younger, I used to have my little 10 things. Now I think I should start a new few so that when the chances come, I'll get to grab it and tick things off. Sort of 'My name is Earl' thingy.( by the way, I love the series and totally believe in karma, so beware offenders, before yer bad karma catches on you)

10 things i need to do with hubby (before we grow too old and cranky, hehe)

1. Learn to slow dance, and had a nite of a very, very, very romantic you-and-me-only. But any songs with more rythm also ok. Maybe a swing, I would love to twirl, and twirl and twirl.

2. I watch this movie 'the sisterhood of a travelling pants' and love seeing greece, and hope one day get to spend a vacation with him there, or at least bali, haha, talking 'bout downgrading my dreams. Anyway going anywhere really far would sum my second list. I know his my best travelling partner.

3. Get to attend our daughters graduation day, wedding day, pretty much all their importants days together, still holding hands, and being proud and accomplished.

4. Learn art together, maybe when he has retired. maybe we can do a painting together. I'm the painter and he's the naked model, haha, joking.

5. Dissappear. just me and him. not even the kids will know where we will be. maybe we'll just inform them that we will do the dissappering act or there will be a police report searchig for old cranky couple, hehe, that would be weird and killing the experiance. definately when he has retire. not possible to do now.

6.I have always wanted to sing to my hubby. I'll strum a guitar and sing a song. Song currantly I wanna sing is Colbie Callait- Realize. The problems are that I'm tone deft, doesn't know how to play guitar and always chopping and adding weird lyrics as i sing. So I have a loooooooooong way to go la.. learn to sing, play guitar and memorize my lyrics. One day hubby dude, one day.

7. When we were dating, we used to walk and used mini buses to scale KL. Hubby always said that he misses all that. So I guess it would be nostalgic to do it all again. We'll hike a bus from Shah Alam to Klang bus station. Walk to Pasar Budaya, fetch a mini bus( it might not exist anymore, 'sight') from Lebuh Ampang and go to Lot 10, BB Plaza, Sungai Wang and Star Hill. Or maybe we'll walk to Hentian Bus Pudu from Pasar Budaya because I used to get my bus there to balik kampung, and on the way we'll stop at McDonald Jln Silang. We used to lepak there, writing simple cards, wrapping our surprise presents to each other, gaduh, God-knows all sorts of things we managed to do there. Or we can go to Sinar Kota, going to East India and Reject Shop, those are his favourites shops back then, I really hope the shops still there. This will be my number 7.

8. What to do? There's only 3 left to get to my number 10. I know what number 10 would be. So, there's 2 more to go. Start a business with hubby. simple business, big busines, I don't care. As long we get to do something together and not be pissed to each other. maybe sell goreng pisang under tree at taman, hahaha, maybe, just maybe one day,. bila time is nothing as limited as now. Not to make money, just to enjoy each other company.

9. Gain financial freedom. so that we can spend diligently yet not to have to think the bank balance. baru le boleh enjoy hari tua without worries. bila nak vacation, we can go, bila nak treat at a fine restaurant, we can afford, things like that, once a while.

10. Finally, well, this a hope, it's always Allah's work at the end of the day. I hope in my death bed, my hubby will hold my hands and accompany me in my last journey. I want to see his face before i closed my eyes. I hope to mati in iman, i hope he'll guide me with the syahadah. i hope to live my life the fullest with him, i hope there's no regrets, i hope i give my best to him, i hope we'll still be smiling to each other and i hope there's nothing left to tell.

that's my 10 things for now.

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