Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is my new craze for the time being. Me and hubby been watching second season of DEXTER, being me, always fascinated with killer/serial killer stories.. it almost like having a fixed. Every episodes having dealing with Dexter killing the 'jahat' people out there, comparing to CSI yg kengkadang crimenya crime tak sengaja, tak besh. I like the calculating with intention serial killer kinda theme... that's why I love 'Criminal Minds' and that's why I love 'Dexter' more. The last episode I watched yesterday, having Dexter bonding with a new partner that is equally disturbing(she was an addict with a possessive disturbing behaviour streak slash arsonist..huhuu, scary.. n err, sex addict as well, just stating the plot).. making the story more interesting. and Jaime Murray is one hell sexy babe, (having my hubby saying Jaime more better looking than Angelina Jolie, which is so true, and which is the highest possible compliment a guy could have been giving..)

well, I downloaded the whole second season, waiting to be watched, I would have been waiting patiently for it to be aired on RTM2 if it's not being aired too late, malam buta.. but maybe it's because of the content of the series.whatever. the good thing is hubby likey watching it too. and me having a partner in crime aka peminat dexter is like besh giler.. hahaha..

well, that's the story of a couch potato/tv addict.. and a 'serial killer' lover stories, be it in a book form, silver screen or celluloid screen.. I will always give it some little time that I have, so that I can indulge. hehehe..(err, don't take me as a wannabe killer lak yek..)

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