Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tired meh..

today is not the best day of the week.. i hadn't get the best day quite for a long time lately.. it's been all routine.. siang malam all the same.. *sigh*..

hubby be back late again today.. there goes my badut energy.. all went to the kilang.. kerjaa.. kerjaaa(lalalala.. meet uncle hussein)

kids?.. taking too much of my energy.. bicker and all complains.. *urggh*.. sometimes it's just all transfer to a constant buzzing in my head.. couldn't function ..

xcersize.. knees acting up.. meet doctor today, green light to continue.. few medication and ubat salap panas, the one I already got.. chet.. hope will be able to start soon when my bro-in-law blah nanti, takkan nak xcersize depan dia lak.. tak moh akak..:)

cooking adventure.. few ideas, executing 0, malas and uninspired.. back to ol' tapau and deep frying..*sigh*.. bad for me .. hahahaha..

hormone... nak salahkan diorang ke?.. hahaha.. actually period lama lagi, early next month.. but I always have this mood swing and depression way too early sometimes.. :(.. damn me..can't blame it on them i guess..

pretty much.. the tired, uninspired, bored me.. will it help jotting it down.. here?.. dunno.. bila la my badut will have free time to make me happy..hahaha.. don't ask him.. he's tired, dull and energyless himself..dang..

ingat tadi nak buat posting baru, tpi apakehe.. baru 2jam post, dah posting baru, tak peronah dibuat dek orang..melainkan aku ajelah.. dri tadi dok blog hopping.. reading people's story and such.. entertaining.. yup.. but terpengaruh la gak sedikit sebanyak .. ala2 mcm kena rasuk lak.. nak menulis.. pedahal nothin fancy on my mind for the time being..:)..

cross my mind too nak tukaq blog skin(walau my sis ari tuh dah warned that it would be way easier to do it earlier phase of blogging rather later.. ).. but ari tuh ter'experience' my blog ilang mcm2.. hahaha.. well, there's so many parts of my original blogs that i love.. original beb wa nih, kang dah tukaq banyak no, dah tak sama yedak..:)..

coming weekends.. mcm dah ala2 full je gayanya, min and aya gonna have exams starting on mondays, my other sis lak nak pindah umah, hub's cuzzen trima pinangan.. seems like it all gonna be at square one balik smula, waiting for another weekend lak lagi to be free doing whateva heart desire.. alemak, next next week ada my cuzzen lak wedding.. and my family gonna come lak.. hehehehe... so little time to savour life..

it's past midnite.. should have sleep.. coz tomorrow my routine gonna start and end pretty much the same.. this little heart of mine.. couldn't find peace.. beating smacam.. like there's unfinished business.. hahaha, tetiba teringat this one phase of my life where everythin spelt trouble.. heheh.. i live this life anytime.. didn't want to have sorrow heart as before.. apalah sangat bored because of mundaneness rather than sebab sakit jiwa mengusung masalah.. free afterall.. :)..


nurulhuda said...

ala, sedihnye dgr yaya rs down.. mgkin sbb sakit kot, so it affect the whole happy system. takpe, kene positif! heheheh.

xoxo, pakar motibasi :D

hantumakan said...

N, hehe, thx.. feel lot better today.. hahaha..

Ita Shadila said...

rilex dalia.. dlm life ada ups n downs, hepi n sad.. blog2 lain tulis hepi2, sure ada time derang sedeh gak kan? x ker pelik kalau idup derang asek hepi jer.. or maybe derang x tulis masa derang sedeh.. huhu *tetibe ita pun emosi* sedeh gak :(

hantumakan said...

itaaa.. so kind, thx for the gud words..but my moods going boost up oledi.. hehe, hepi2 now..:)