Thursday, June 4, 2009

will you..uummmm...marry me.. DEFINITELY, MAYBE

Yesterday, hubby's not working.. because he's sick, people, he's so not kaki ponteng kerja, even with enough cajole, hehehe, so we decided to watch DEFINITELY, MAYBE.. i've had it in the computer for so long waiting to be watched.. hehe.. waiting for my oh-so-sebok hubby.. hahaha

wanna read spoiler, go here people, and here.. so much so, the plot in complete written..

I adore this movie, even when critics said ryan reynolds is like dead fish or couldn't act.. really?..heheh..i couldn't imagine brad pitt doing it tho.. and i personally think that he(mr pitt) is not such a good actor, only banking on heavy plots movie and big movie..on the other hands george clooney might be a good substitute, but hey, he is too into heavier storyline.. guess ryan reynolds is not bad..(i've watched him in 2guys, a girl and a pizza place, belief me, he's way improving than his then-persona as an annoying roomate)
well, bout the movie, this is very interesting for so many reason.. it started with year 1992, hahahaha, the ol'days when I was 16.. heheh.. so, lots of referring to that years of 90's hit a spots in my heart, the mention of kurt cobain and nirvana, alemak, ada lagi ke mentioning, lupa lak.. besides 90's.. it's a love story well crafted.. no hurried, no messy plots, only real things happened to real people, no sugar coating.. yet sweet enough.. well, i can relate, for whatever reason i have(only for me to know, heheh).. all the girlfriends of william hayes in the movie are superb.. well, what can i say when they took the like of rachel weisz(by the way, she's so hot and young looking in here, hehehe, walau sesikit rupa brooke shields) and isle fisher..
i would personally say that this is better than jerry meguire, tom cruise movie, kan ke lebih kurang genrenya..
i would love to write the storylines but then it would go on and on and on.. and too mushy and err actually, the specific scenes, i can't really recall correctly, hehe, but seriously, love birds, go watch this movie, especially if you have a good love story yerself, or a history you shared with yer loved ones.. it jogg you down yer own memory lane.. aaaaawwww..:)


eyda said...

i've watched this one, and i like it too. it's a sweet movie, kalau tgh stress2 tu elok tgk cerita camni, boleh release stress kekdahnye.

kucingorengemok said...

makcik, u got tagged... kat blog aku, cekcekcekidauuuttt (that says check it out dlm bahasa manusia normal) :)

hantumakan said...

eyda---> mmg sweet giles, hahaha, i'm in love mood all over back, only that hubbs demam tenat, heheh..:(

hantumakan said...

ups, sorry lin, pepandai je tag org, hahaha, mcm tau2 je aku mmg suka bua tag, mencabar ke tak mencabar nih?

Ita Shadila said...

ryan reynold loves me.. ryan reynold loves me not.. ryan reynold loves me!! ahhhh baby, i love u 2 *berangan*

hantumakan said...

hahahaha, yes, yes, ryan reynolds loves u, hehehe.. tido jejes ayag yoq basi, hahaha