Friday, July 31, 2009

bila kau nak masak aa?

erk, aku tau, memula aku buat blog nih, aku start ngan recipes and gambo food, aku juga noticed ramai juga yg linkkan akunya blog bawah kategori makanan, hehehehe.. tapi bulan ini aku sudah sidetrack gila babas punya, hahahaha

maka, aku berazam pada bulan hadapan, aku akan lebih tekun untuk memasak mende baru, heheh.. jika enak aku akan warwarkan, kalau nggak enak, juga aku ngan tak malu nak warwarkan, heheh..mcm tak rereti, aku ngan malu tak berapa kawan rapat..

so, kapla aku pon dah pengap smacam, wa nak masuk tido, esok wa ada potluck project one, gonna cook some little treat and at 10am off will i go to rawang.. yippie, meeting ol'frens.. yg tak berapa kerat aje nak datang hehe, nonetheless lama gila tak jumpa so kalau 2, 3 kerat juga kawan lama.. heheh, juga boleh gebang tak ingat balik ke rumah mengadap raja rudin dan para putei ber3.. kasi wa rayau jap, time's off, maid indon pon skang ada cuti ujong minggu, hahaha, takkan omak takdok pulak..

latida peeps.. nak tido

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Letter from iwo jima

i tipu.. eleh, macam tak biasa, misti le ni letter from me to hubby dude..

actually this is the real last entry.. the real mc coy.. mmm


I am glad i had this 1 month journey back to our ol'memories.. :) .. i am glad that you spare sometime to read it despite yer busy schedules and demanding working time.. thx for doing something thoughtfull, somethin different..

actually my head now is some sort on mode where it plays and plays all little things happened before we got married..

like when u said 'I LOVE U'.. i'd say 'THANK YOU'.. stupid robot-me..

like when u said something jiwa2.. i'd say yang i sakit perut, hari nak hujan..just wanna stop u saying stuffs u wanted..

oh, lupa . it was saya and awak during those days.. heheh..
'awak nak makan?' 'saya nak pergi tengok kedai tu kejab la, awak nak ikut?'.. heheh..
yup.. that's how the conversation sounded like..

i had no strategies those days.. i mean.. i went out with u because i needed to know u better, more needing to know why u wanna go out with me, what actually u see in me.. hahaha.. but somehow i just cant see a future of me playing wife, doting to kids.. hahaha, more wanna scare u off from thinkin that i'm a girlfriend scares the last guy i dated before you,..haha... seriously serious. apatah lagi menjadi suri di hati, madame yang rule yer kingdom with an iron fist, hahahahahahaha.. i tipu..

i holded back.. because takut i lost you in the process..
i was never serious, because, i wouldn't bear to lick my wound if u just wanna play fool with me..
i was never see us beyond the particular days, because premeditated, there's no beyond for us..
that kind of thing just won't happened to me..

the thing we're having now, i mean.....

who wanna be serious with a loud awek,
yang most of the time raise brows,
keras kepala macam granite,
sepak kucing boleh mandul kucing dibuatnya
i've been called tingtong, perempuan gila, evil woman by guys. those from yg actually kawan buat lawak hari2, rakan sekelas.. heheh
kalau tak rapat, lagilah kan.. :) ..

actually i always prepare to spend my life being a spinster, hahaha, like i always said, if there's no right person, life goes on, sapa nak kawin out of necessity.. out of pressure because all my frens dah kawin..

turn out i was one of the earliest got hitched.. -snicker-

my mom said i'm lucky to marry you,
my sis said, she wanna somebody who will love her like u love me
some fren said that she's jealous for the things we have

the truth fact is,
it's the journey u decided to take,
no matter the nonsense i put u in
u make things happened for us
and me being gratefull, i just cant show u how much abundence it is..

u always said that you love me more than i would love you..
the real meaning never really dawned at me..
until I marry you..
so many things been said never really been much than it's mean literally to me..
until i felt it the way you felt it when u uttered it to me..

heart aching, heart throbing,
heart can give u myriad of weird funny hurtfull things like that, hehehe
curse u heart, mcmana nak jumpa doktor penyakit takdok ubat
jadik mcm jack nicholson dalam 'somethin's got to give'

maybe, maybe i was hundred steps behind you..
in feelings department..
but i'm gaining..
the next time u toleh,
i might be just at yer back
just like in salat
u'll be my imam, and i'll follow yer steps
that's a promise

oh, hubby dude said he looked like chino marino burton c.bell apekejadah nama dia in this picture.. than i must be the groupie.. wow, i dated rockstar.. hahahaha.. gambar ini taken after hubby dude back from UK for good.. on our way back to Shah Alam from BP.. kat PLUS Hiway.. felt like yesterday kita pi naik tangga tak guna tuh kan, kat hiway somewhere kat Negeri 9 tuh, ingatkan scenic sgt ataih tuh, takdok apa yg menarik pon.. than we decided to take self picture.. this is my favorite picture eversince.. :)

thanks for make-a-do with the real me..

thanks for liking me just the way i am.. coz i'm not sorry being me

i learn tonnes from you.. am still learning, this is not how I remembered my letter should be, but this is how i felt writing it today.. :) ..

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HUBBY DUDE, waiting to celebrate our marriage years to come..

p/s-hubby dude telah membetulkan nama rocker itu and i get to strike the name, yeeeeeeah for me.. KOG sila notice aku sudah guna tunjuk ajar.. :)

kejutan mengejutkan

this is super surreal.. seriyesly.. I KEEP THE SHOE (ye, sbelah aje) BAWAH KATIL.. o my god, hubby dude yg pointed it out.. and tadi aku telah dived under the bed and fished the shoe out.. it is sad looking shoe, getah elastic dah tak elastic, the suade part of the shoe dah menggerutu, the front part of the shoe dah seriyesly yellowish.. hehehe.. and nama 'acupuncture' kat belah lidah kasut dah tanggal.. hahahaha.. but else than that, it's the same shoe that was really cherished..

my beaten beaten still love shoe.. awwwwwwwwww

hahaha kalau nak panggil kuning pon, actually it's more orange.. :)

the infamous tapak.. :)) ... aww, i'm still 19 at heart.. hehehe

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm in love , again, feels like 19 ..

sapa nak dengar citer ni hari?.. hehe

the story goes like this

Pada tahun 1997, seorang anak muda rock terpaksa meninggalkan tanahair untuk melanjutkan pelajaran di Manchaster, United Kingdom/Britain, oh, don't ask him bout the ol'trafford, he doesn't get the obsession of football, despite he lived in the city of one of the most celebrated football club in the world.. kalau aku drilled memanyak pon, he'd say the football ticket was too expensive, he'd spend it on food, would be the wiser choice, heheh..

ketika itu, money was little, and study was hard , yet he still wanna buy a little sumtin for his awek.. just to show how much he'd been thinkin of her abroad.. heheh..

and there was this shoes, acupuncture shoes on display.. a bit yellowish coz of the time it spent on a display rack, coz of the many times people been trying it on i guess..

so dude rock nih pon datang

'I want this shoes please, size 6, hehehe'

oh, that is the last pair of size 6 available..

and bilamana diambil pasangannya, kasut yg on display itu a bit yellowish than it's partner, lupa lak nak bagitau kasut itu berwarna pristine white, at least yg dalam kotak it was, hehe.. he took it anyway.. :) ..

kasut itu pun ikut mamat dude rock itu balik malaysia bilamana dia pulang (dude, i forgot, ini balik cuti ke balik for good ek?.. sowi dude) and diberikan kepada aweknya..

awek itu sukahati kerana tapak kasut acupuncture itu one of a kind, got a couple of teddy bears, with an indicator which is male and which is female, hehehe (obvious one maa, got tits and dick, hehehe),

awek tuh bukan pervert laaaa, but kasut itu soooo her.. coz dia tak sama ngan orang lain.. and dude rock itu tahu siapa awek dia.. :)) .. he got a pressie that 'so her' awek itu tak kisah pon kasut sbelah kuning sbelah putih melepak.. :)) ..

and awek itu sungguh kerek jalan2 di foyer ITM, and bilamana kengkawan lelaki and pompuan menegurnya, ada yg kata kasut itu look like kasut golf, ada yg kata, 'wow, lawa kasut ko'..

awek itu akan dgn bangga tunjukkan tapak kasutnya and meng'highlite'kan yg warene kasutnya tak sama because, then i tell the story mcm di ataslah, hahaha .. bangga gila.. malangnya kasut itu dah tak wujud skang.. frust giler, kalau idak bleh i took the picture, by the way dude, i think u bought the shoes when u balik cuti.. i think i got the time line oredi, hehe, btul kan?

then the couple got married...

dude rock itu sudah menjadi sebok ngan rat race.. balik kerja penat, mentally and fizikali drained of job's demand..

of lately, beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini, the pressie were watches(to be exact, he got me 3 watches and 2 dah aruah, hehe, ganaz kan aku pakai jam), SK2 set, perfume.. mmmppph.. i like, if i got it for none occasion, hehehe.. but for somethin like birthday or anniversary, i want sumtin thoughtfull, sumtin deep.. little deret of stuffs that meaning he been paying attention of my new loves, hobbies and obsessions .. hehe ..

by the way, this blog been lot of help this year.. hahahahahaha.. since he's a reader.. and this long walk back to our memory lane.. he sort of remember what/how was our life back then.. so, sila anggap blog adalah therapy ye, hahaha

contoh kasut acupuncture, cant get the shoes yg had the exact same tapak like the one hubby dude gave me years back.. but, bleh le.. it was as white as this one (yg belah white le, hehe), and got that big 'A' only yg mine the 'A' was black.. and mine didn't got shoe laces.. dia ada elastico expanding black thingy,

the card i got last nite.. sungguh reminiscing the teddy bears picture kat tapak kasut, heheh.. tengs hubby
he got me zee avi.. wow, i like.. tried to find yuna, but takdok.. and this one was the last copy on shelf.. making it all more special for me, heheh, prasan khen.. :)

and book from my favourite new author.. awww, tengs again..
so, yes i felt like 19 on my 9 anniversary.. yippieeee, ecstatic giler.. :)), big smile on my face.. big smile in my pounding chest..
he always said that i was his heart throb.. bukan pasal aku rupa superstar.. apekejadah.. sebab his heart pounding literally everytime kitorang jumpa dedulu.. sweet khen.. :) .. even skang kalau dia pi kerja outstation, say pi jepon pi beli mesin kilang, bilamana dia jumpa aku kat airport, he still felt the same.. it always got me teary eyed.. if he said that.. by the way hubby dude.. u're my heart throb too, for the same effect u gave me..

ladang cendawan saya

kat muncung ni nanti(setelah tutupnya dibuka), akan keluar cendawan2 abalone itu.. so idak le bosa mana muncungnya itu kalau korang bayangkan pakai ruas jari aku tuh kan..
kiranya bosa mende nih sejengkal jari saja, tapi boleh membuahkan hasil tuaian sebanyak 6 kali.. kira okay la beb..

tengok tuh, dia dah tumbuh, aloh, cutenyaaa dia.. hehehehe.. cepat, cepat sikit kluar, sok bleh buat sup cendawan, cendawan goreng ala cameron hi-land, nasi goreng cendawan, cendawan bread pie.. wow, banyaknya.. masak maggi pon bleh letak cendawan.. yummeh

haaaa, ni yg dah bosa sikit.. kena la tunggu barang lagi 3 hari bleh le aku tuai diorang ni nanti.. pas tuai, kena tutup balik, kasi rehat seminggu, pas tuh kalau ko rasa dah jemu makan, boleh aje korang tutup aje dia lelama, sampai le rasa nak makan, ko bukak le balik.. sampai le 6 kali dia tumbuh, ni 1st time le aku buat aktiviti ni, ikut adik aku, hehehe... so, kita tunggu lagi 3 hari, best tak best ropa kebun cendawan aku nih kay..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mari merawak, tiada topic ni hari

anak aku suka gila tengok cerita ni, main medium language mandarin, tpi ada rojak kantonis, indian, malay and english sebab yg masuk kelas nak blajo mandarin ini pelbagai bangsa.. but mainly chineses..

tu hari masa last episod, anak aku yg berdua yg dah bosa tuh tengok le kat tv.. pas tuh bila habis dedua berlari masuk bilik

yg sulung cakap ' maaaaaaa, sedihnya'

aku cakap 'awat?'

'k.min rasa mr siao dah habis' she was teary eyed, seriyes.. aku gelak.

'alaa, kan cuma cerita, mmg la pandai habis, nanti dia buat lagi sambungannya,'

'tak, kali ni mr siao pindah, dah tak mengajar'

wow, sungguh mendalam effect citer ni kat anak2 aku, heehe... NTV7, tolong sambung cerita ini with original casts.. aku pon kengkadang tengok, and we did share a good laugh between us..


masa aku blajo kat PPP/ITM, ada sekali aku lepak ngan kengkawan yg baik ngan senior lelaki,

tetiba mamat itu berkata kat aku 'Kau ni cute la'

aku terkedu kejab..

pas tuh kawan aku pon ramai2 menjawab

'cute tu..... ugly but adorable..'

apakah? eiii, ko puji ke idak ni?.. hehehe .. aku nak amik kat part adorable le aje, hahaha...

pointnya, sapa kena puji cute itu dia tak cukup cantik untuk dikategorikan gorjes, cantik, jelita, hehehe, maka cute menjadi pilihan, ko tak cukup cantik tapi ada 'sheshuatu' .. hahaha, betul tak?

esok anniversary aku, yeah yeah yeah.. yg aku dok tetunggu macam tak sabar.. so, lepas esok tunggu lak anniversar yg ke-10.. over kan.. harus tahun depan kena sambut dgn kenduri kesyukuran, 10 tahun itu time frame yg membanggakan.. dah jadi jubli apa ke nama, aku tak tau, tapi kan orang melayu suka main2 jubli2 nih.. korang doakan ye kesejahteraan perkahwinan kami.. amin ya amin.. :)
habis la dah, nak pi masak, ni hari nak masak bayam, sotong, ikan dan yg pastinya nak buat sambal blacan..

rudin's clan..

okay, ni hari aku rajin.. so biarla aku nak post 10 entry sekalipon, hahahahahaha

aku baru saje buat stick family picture kitorang itu.. hahahahaha, tolonglah akui gambar itu cute.. aku suka tau.. thx lyacolors.. :)

aku baru prasan yg setiap bulan stakat ini, entry g aku post adalah sebanyak nombor puluhan yg bulat, seperti 40 dan 20 dan 30.. nampaknya terpaksalah aku membuat 50 entri bulan ini, mampukah, sedangkan tinggal beberapa hari saja lagi, heheh..

aku nak post ni dulu, masa untuk tidor.. penat tau jadi chef, stick bikini clad mom with an eye-patch nih, hehehe..refering to my stick character loh.. apadaaa

Monday, July 27, 2009

jalang2.. cari makang.. oit, bukan menjalang laaa

Toast More
AEON Bkt Tinggi, Klang
left side of TGV

tomyam with meat on skewers.. kepedasan dia tahap buat otak kau berdengung okay, stakat ni aku hanya rasa omak akunya mesakan aje yg mampu buat pedas seksa tahap gamma yg boleh buat kau gian makan berulang tapi kau pedas tapi kau makan lagi.. pahamkah?..(omak aku mmg tak hengat kalau letak cili api dalam masakan)

mende sama, angle lain.. aku suka walau pedas, bowl dia itu adalah seperti bowl menghidang lauk pauk yee, bosa godang.. seriyes, camera phone aku tak do justice to its size.. aku tak mampu habiskan mihoonnya.. semangkuk RM5.90

ham and cheese cracker, ngado kan pi order, pedahal boleh buat sindri di umah..

i like the swivel chair and the color too.. :)

cham cincau.. i like the cham sobab lebih teh dri kopi.. didn't like it the other way around, tapi tak dapat berapa menikmati ayaq ini kerana ayaq ini diminum buat simbah kepanasan pedas tadi .. tetap tak berjaya hilang pedas terpaksa order segelas lagi ayag kosong..

cute giler

sorry if I offended any church-goers(becauseI'm pretty sure not all think the place of worship is the place to strut yer groove) because I like the video simply because they looked so cuckoo cute, cute and simply cute, that's the only reason.. :) .. even the bride danced.... hahahahaha

Sunday, July 26, 2009

tribute, tribute

the advertisement i'd been telling bout the guy mandikan parent itu.. yasmin and her muse, syarifah amani..

oso feveret one

one of my timeless favourite

this one escape my memories.. tapi sungguh cute..


Yasmin, u said it best.. (the last advertisement she made for singapore sumtin, got wind of this advertisement from here, thxs for that..)

hubby dude, hope u get this..

this is just super sweet..

imperfection, imperfection, flaws and annoying little things..
it what makes u such a different person,
just not the same with the next walking person..
be it so little, or a tiny speck..
keep it just that people will always remember u
for that little things u made not the same as others.

HOMST and IKEA & little project maaa

ni hari ada projek kat Kota Damansara, bila dah siap nampak la pulak kedai ni kat sbelah, maka lunch time, wihiiiii

front of the kedai
wet buttered chicken, chef recommended, mm sedap jugak.. suspect bahan adalah susu cair, marjerin, pepper lots of it..
Kung po beef, lacking of capsicum and gajus.. mmph, dulu kekecik aku panggil janggus, buleh?.. heheh

kemudian pi ke IKEA,teruja sangat nak tahu apa yg sale, hanya membeli barangan berharga RM10.. hahahaha, jimatnyaaaa mak, nyah..

napkin kesat jejesan makanan tepi molot, dri RM10 kepada RM5, ko jgn, napkin berwarna plain kat giant pon regenya RM5, dpt sikit aje taw
dan kertas pembalut hadiah yg berharga dri RM15 menjadi RM5, sepanjang 3 meter, rupanya dedua belah bercorak, ahkak loike

by the way inilah projek di Kota Damansara itew.. projek apakah?
yg ni ke
yg ini?

walau entri ini tiada berteks sangat, sbenarnya gigih mendonlod pictures dari 3 sumber mangkuk yg tak mau beri kerjasama, maka dah penat and nak tido, bubui peeps..

muahs muahs..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad, Innalillah

Yasmin Ahmad meninggal malam tadi.. :( ..

aku masih terasa2 akan iklan tinggalan beliau, seperti iklan merdeka Petronas tahun 1999 kot, 'kenapa saya suka rumah saya'.. iklan candid kanak2 kecil lelaki dan perempuan yg mengesahkan kenapa mereka suka rumah mereka, sungguh candid dan ikhlas..

Iklan raya jupa seperti iklan 'ikan di laut, asam di darat'.. that's one of the most price idea.. jiran india dan melayu..

Iklan raya 'burung apa'.. which is quite recent, yg mana anak lelaki yg besar di tanya berkenaan burung oleh bapanya tpi sudah naik darah bila sang ayah bertanya berulang-ulang, kemudian diberikan oleh ayah diari aruah ibu untuk dibaca.. in yer face okay kesannya, subtle tpi sungguh pelempang di pipi kan, korang tak rasa?

or iklan yg ada syarifah amani meeting her husband-to-be bathing his dad or something like that.. this one not recent, tpi ingat juga sikit2..

ada few aku tak really sure Yasmin yg direct atau tidak, tpi the story line dan penceritaan stamped her trademark allover, kalau aku salah credit, just tell me..

tapi aku belum pernah lagi watch movies she directed.. :( .. tak berkesempatan, sepet, gubra, mokhsin even talentime.. i will, i will...

maikel jeksen mati surreal juga pada aku, tpi aku tak la kisah sgt sampai nak buat entri bagai.. tpi tahun ni zubir ali, shukri hashim and now yasmin ahmad meninggal, berkesan juga kehilangannya, kerana aku rasa mereka ini yg do good in their job.. rephrase, doing super great job.. aku suka acting shukri hashim, aku suka lagu puisi zubir ali dan aku suka iklan2 yasmin ahmad.

aku pon student advertising dulu, aku tau bukan senang nak come with a decent idea, apatah lagi great idea... idea yg menggamit memori, menjual nilai murni, idea yg boleh buat orang terpempan skejab, segan sindri dalam hati and berkata 'that would easily be me'.. heheh..

Yasmin Ahmad, aku sedekahkan Al-fatihah untuk perjalananmu ke alam barzakh, masa kau masuk hospital dan di ICU, aku masih berharap kau akan recover dan teruskan yer unfinished jobs di dunia, but God can't wait for our business, when it's time, it's time..

semoga ada other creative people who can fill in yer shoes..

kawan aku yg pernah interview ko and jumpa ko masa dia blajar, mnangis tak brenti malam tadi, katanya.... kesiannya

:( ..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Siapakah Ahkak?

ari tuh tijah buat entri pasal sapakah dia sbenarnya, seorang yg beridentiti bercabang, hahaha, like the terms, heheh..cute..

pas tuh, tu hari aku buat komen kat blog KOG,
dia kata ,'kalau ko tak ingat KGG pun dah lama aku label ko psycho, so takpe la... ;)'
dia letak ikon kenyit tuh, aku assumed ajelah psycho disini mungkin compliment -snicker-

pas tuh smalam aku baru add budak skolah lama aku kat FB..
dia lak kata 'Miss D yg gila-gila kat dorm'....
aku pasti disini gila-gila bukan majalah lawak 80-an

tu ari classmates lelaki aku datang umah makan2, and diorang masih guna nama paksarela diorang bagi aku jaman 90-an iaitu 'Ting-Tong'.. pun aku tak rasa merefer bunyik loceng rumah, walaupun diorang suka panggil nama aku and bunyikkan ala2 mcm loceng rumah..

and tahun lepas aku jumpa budak skolah lama aku gak masa raya, and dia kata aku sensitip, cepat kecik atie.. heheh..

and budak2 lelaki skolah aku dulu and certain budak2 pompuan juga assumed aku sorang budak nakal gila amat yg patut dijauhi dan dipulau.. wow, seriyes? aku pepandai aje letak lebih ajinomoto.. tpi aku rasa yeeeelah, hehe

so, berbalik kepada tajuk, siapakah ahkak?..

mm, how to put this..

aku loud, crass, unrefined, tak reti minced words, don't do politics skolah (as mix with popular people)to gain mileage, tak kaki ampu, mix ngan people yg aku rasa best and baik-tapi tak semestinya orang lain pikir yg sama..

aku impulsive-yg slalu membawa kepada doing kerja karut there and then-

aku cranky bila lapar -sehingga membawa aku ketuk2 pencil box aku dalam kelas math cikgu Ja'un sebab dia dah 15min lewat lepaskan kitorang waktu lunch-.. hehehe, cikgu Ja'un masih dendam kat aku sehingga ujong tahun aku form 5 rasanya, padan la ngan muka aku, tak hormat cikgu, pedahal simple gila, aku terlalu lapar masa tuh.

aku sensitip pada kawan yg aku rasa baik ngan aku tapi ropanya mereka rasa aku nih kawan ketawa aje, hehehe, no offence, maybe commitment kita tak sama.. hehe, aku pon pernah treat orang yg ingat dia rapat ngan aku camtuh.. kita terlepas pandang maybe..

oh, untuk reputation aku kat MRSM tuh?.. aku rasa simply start sebab aku carik gaduh ngan classmate lelaki aku yg chauvanist and tersohor gangsternya di skolah aku, yg try to put me to my place, ye.. pompuan yg spatutnya meekly diam aje diorang buat apa dorang suka dalam kelas, the next thing i know, the whole shcool of guys know me like the back of their hand.. :)

oh, i don't do 'regrets' well, so, life's go on walau for the abundences mistakes and wrong decisions I've made, I'll learn, apa nak nangis pada nasi yg tumpah.. :)

lebih2 dari ni?.. ada la yg baik2 pasal aku, tapi kang kalau citer macam masuk bakul naik lift,

hehe, so dah habis mengenai siapakah Ahkak.. :)

dinner, dinner of the day..

kerana mood hari ni mood mudah, maka masak pon masak mudah la kan..

Spageti oglio olio

and kopi for supper ke dessert?

umah korang ado cawan kemaman kopitiam?.. haha, boleh le beli kat gudang pinggan khen, hehe

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

deeper conversation

wow, ni hari bored tahap maksima, ada juga baiknya.. saya merayau-rayau tengok blog orang lain, ada citer pasal cara berjimat cermat, ada citer pasal hati rempah, ada citer pasal nubhan, ada citer pasal habit anak sambil menyusu, ada citer malika sherawat 'wow'.. hehehe.. now baru prasan, that i'm so cocooning myself doing the same things day by day.. buat yg routine aje, baca blog yg aku dah readily link kat akunya page. sedangkan banyak lagi blog yg aku boleh terjah.. mmm.. only that sometimes doing the obvious sangat menyelesakan, kita lupa kita boleh cuba benda baru.. :)

so, mental note.. get out of the box..

selain itu nak bercerita lagilah.. bulan ini kan aku banyak bercerita mengenai masa lampau saya dan hubby dude.. cerita2 jiwang karat.. malam ni nak cerita pasal presence lak, walau seindah mana pon kisah cinta kita, lepas kawin maintainence is a different thing.. seriyes tak sama.. hehehe..

seperti, dalam setahun yg lalu aku merasakan routine kerja hubby dude menyebabkan aku ilang connection ngan dia, ala2 radar aku tokleh detect vibes best from him.. heheh.. seriyes.. ulang routines sama day by day.. kengkadang tak sempat pun buat citer lawak of the day.. tak sempat pun borak2 apa jadi belah siang kat idup aku yg mundane tapi aku buat2 ala best, -chuckle-..hubby dude balik kerja kengkadang tertidor depan tv, kengkadang bergurau ngan kids, kengkadang landing je kapla ataih katil, terus belayar.. hehe, kengkadang aku ala2 rasa macam 'duh, tu aje ke?..' and aku juga keguguran tahun lepas, and somehow aku merasakan yg hubby dude tidak sensitif enough ngan akunya errr macam2lah, malas lak nak cakap in details.. hahahaha.. sebenarnya kitorang lost in translation, akunya habit telling him everything is fine, err, lelaki mmg kengkadang tak reti read the hidden line, and bila kita kata okay, dia pun assumed okay, esp bila diorang too busy to read yer reaction.. :) ..

and tahun ini everythin sedikit demi sedikit getting better, ada skali i was freakin snapped and kali ni hubby dude really pay attention and tanya dari mana suma the anger and dissappointment datang.. :) ..

and malam ni nak citer le one of the langkah we took.. ni sumer diilhamkan dek lagu yuna, deeper conversation.. so, kitorang promise, will try, really try to have one little conversation sbelum tido.. unless kitoang cant muster any energy to go on, barulah boleh trus tido mcm kayu balak, hehe,

so, last nite, hubby dude said, 'i read yer older entry today..' he was referring on my ten thing to do with him itew..(one of my earliest entry).. and he was referring to the number 10

Finally, well, this a hope, it's always Allah's work at the end of the day. I hope in my death bed, my hubby will hold my hands and accompany me in my last journey. I want to see his face before i closed my eyes. I hope to mati in iman, i hope he'll guide me with the syahadah. i hope to live my life the fullest with him, i hope there's no regrets, i hope i give my best to him, i hope we'll still be smiling to each other and i hope there's nothing left to tell.

he asked me, is there anythin that i have left telling.. tade la kan.. up to last nite that is.. :).. he said the same thing.

pas tu he said, he prefers I go first, he knows that it would be painfull, but he'll manage.. and i said, i could never face if the scenario the other way around.. dah banyak kali try to put some sense in my head, still tokleh gak nak face.. mmmphh.. I know, I know.. ini kerja Allah.. aku spatutnya paham yg semuanya a loan from Him.. hopefully, bila aku makin tua or bila this loan is taken back, aku can muster some strength to get through my life feeling that's not about me being left behind, it's bout the journey we had, and the fun we had..

wow, must be the time of the month again.. hahaha

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mai ingat jaman NKOTB.. haha, tipu.. bukan main issue disini.. heheh

Saya suka zaman skolah saya juga, walaupun saya suka menceceh kisah2 mlampau (hahaha, korang ingat tak tajuk cd 'kisah pramugara yang melampau'.. eh,saya tak pernah tengok le, seriyes)...

seperti, saya masuk hostel sedari form 1, saya dulu skolah Maahad, saya suuuuuka skolah tuh, ramai kakak2 seniors yg kelako kat skolah tu, kalau lepas musim peksa, asrama akan buat memacam aktiviti buat isi masa lapang.. and I enjoyed every days of the weeknya aktiviti.. aktiviti dianjurkan mengikut biro.. ada biro disiplin, kebersihan, mcm2 biro le lagi..oh, lupa nak mentioned, kawan2 saya jaman tuh pun best2.. kitorang err minat NKOTB.. hahahahaha, yeee, saya pon sama aje.. tak rock langsung kan.. hahaha.. saya dan rakan sebilik pernah curik tembikai/semangka dari dewan makan, hehehe, kerana tak punya pisau di dorm, err kitorang korek aje tembikau tuh pakai sudu..

juga ada keluarga monyet di tempat penyidaian baju, yg suka amat curik baju kitorang sumer, bagero lu monyet.. hahaha,.. oh, kerana skolah agama, all the undies di sidai letak dalam baju , bila nak kering,? nyampoh kan kengkadang jadi girls nih, we're so precious, guys suka skodeng, kena resort ngan tindakan kayu.. sapaaa punya idea ni sume?.. nak tunggu spenda kering pun berhari-hari, hehehe..

apa lagi, kalau spot check almari sesekali itu, saya slalu dapat err group almari tersepah, ada skali ketua biro kebersihan nak warwarkan pemenang almari tercantik, budaknya dari bilik saya, saya pon kata, saya la pemenangnya, suma orang gelakkan, apa, i tak layak ke? hehehehehehe, eleh, junior saya kat bilik yg menang, lipat baju macam pakai pembaris, last2 saya tetap dalam group lemari tersepah, and seperti biasa dendanya kena berus kolam kat laman asrama.. actually kerja itu paling mengujakan.. hahahahaha.. so, i sengaja sbenonya sepahkan lemarii... hahahahahhahaha, tipuuuuuu.

apa lagi?.. kitorang suka tengok citer hindi tengahari jum'at, hahaha, so, modus operandinya sapa nak dapat barisan depan tv, kena booked tempat tuh pakai bantal.. oh yee, saya sanggup.. nak tengok hero hindustan punya pasal.. hahahaha.. madhuri, neelam, anil, shah rukh khan.. tipu, dia blum blakon lagi la masa tuh.. hahahaha..

pas tuh outing once fortnightly.. and sapa yg nak kluar tuh, akan membawa shopping list of the dorm, seriyes, biskut telinga le, biskut bantal le, mee goreng le, wafer bagai, hehehehe.. oh tapi kitorang rela aje.. ngehehe.. warden garang nak mamposh, orang bugis, haaa, korang jgn memain.. hahahahahaaaa..entah, kalau jumpa skang uztazah tu kenal lagi ke idak ngan aku, ada skali lepas maghrib dia nak buat ceramah, biasa le, port aku sure kat belah blakang, boleh main2 ngan kengkawan sambil gelak2 kecil kalau idak, ngantuk, tetiba dia panggil aku dok kat sbelah dia kat depan skali.. aku pon paksa rela, sengih ajelah sampai waktu isyak.. hahahaha..

and pas tuh ada satu phase tuh skolah kitorang ada group budak seniors nakal comel.. heheh.. masa tuh diorangnya fav curse word 'taik'.. ala2 'shit' le kalau orang putih, masa muda mende camtuh pon boleh rasa mamat tuh cute, apa kes aje la otak kan..

lepas tuh kalau kat dewan makan, sesapa terjatuhkan tray, budak lelaki akan sorak macam buat salah bosa sgt aje, teringin lak skang pi dewan makan and jatuhkan tray sesaja, hehehe, sure cute kena sorak, hahahahahaha..

oh, ni suma kat skolah maahad la nih.. walau pon skolah maahad, kitorang just the same normal teenagers yg membesar.. so, takkan korang budget kitorang pakai purdah bagai dan berzikir.. keagamaan itu bukannya datang dari paksaan.. kesedaran sendiri lebih penting ye semua, preeching bagai pon kalau tidak dekat dihati, bagaimana orang nak adopt the budaya baik?.. cuba pikir akan buat yang terbaik dan perkara baik akan datang darinya jua..

cukup la dulu cerita nostalgik nih... nostalgik ke?.. awat aku tetiba poyo rekol rekol citer lama nih?.. kerana aku baru aje add 2 menusia dari skolah lama aku tuh, walaupun bukan the original maahad muar, diorang pindah masa form 4 pas tuh aku pon pindah skolah lain.., tapi aku dah teruja gila.. aku harap sangat2 akan jumpa mereka yg terrapat ngan aku memasa tuh, suma hilang entah ke mana.. i miss u guys.. korang le mewarnakan antara the earliest phase of my life..

nak tido dah..

Majlis berbuka puasa ni hari

acara mencadangkan lauk pauk yg dianjurkan tadi nampaknya tak berapa membuahkan hasil, hehe, yg suggest sorang johor pior, suma ikan disuruhnya masak assam podeh.. sorang lagi lak mood western konon, suma di'twist'nya jadi mekanan azab nak ditelan, hehehe, yg lagi sorang lak, mencadang mesakan daging yg tak wujud dlm peti aku, apakah? maka , aku pun menghasilkan le menu sindri.. :)

ikan haruan kering dan tenggiri busuk goreng garing, letakkan tumis cili dan bawang besar, perah limah kasturi.. yummy..

tumis sawi jepun bersos tiram

masak tak cukup kari tenggiri, seriyes, kari tadi tinggal sikit gilaa, apa2 yg ado jelah

gambaran bosa..
so, skang dah kenyang, nak kluar jap, bawa anak2 pi klinik, semua demam dan batuk.. adios

Monday, July 20, 2009

inventory peti ais

aku tadi ingat nak letak barang satu dua gambo peti sejuk beku aku, hehe.. tapi tetiba rasa peti sejuk aku rupa dia tak mari.. maka aku batalkan aje niat aku tuh, hehe, maka kita berentri tidak bergambar ye ari nih..

yeeeee, peti sejuk beku aku full.. mari kita buat inventory
  1. ikan tenggiri
  2. ikan sembilang
  3. ikan kembung
  4. ikan salmon
  5. ikan tenggiri masin
  6. ikan belanak
  7. ikan jenahak
  8. sotong
  9. udang rencah
  10. udang sedikit besar
  11. puff pastri
  12. eskrem 2 tub
  13. belacan 1 buku
  14. dada ayam

tolong, tolong bagi idea nak masak apa sampai sumer habis dimasak.. kengkadang idea beku, sebeku diorang gak.. hehe..

tolong, malaya dilanggar todak..

seperti biasa, balik kpg hubby dude, pi pasar borong ikan la kan, the 1st 2 picture, gambar ikan2 kat pemborong, tak berani nak kluar camera bagai snap picture angle poyo, takut lak cino2 tuh marah, kang dia baling saya dalam bilik peti snow dia lak, mati kejung akak dikeranakan nak menghidang gambar ikan fresh dari sungai besar nih, hehehe, maka, korang terima sajalah gambar kualiti camera phone nih kay.. :)
tolong, tolong,todak tadi, ni ikan apa ek?.. sapa tau dapat hadiah gambar nih, hehehe, sebab seriyes saya tak tau ini ikan apa, yang tau cuma dia ada paruh tajam, scarry..
haa amik ko, main longgok kat lantai aje, lantai bersih ye adik2.. beli sotong dari tong di pomborong, cuma berharga rm7.50 sekg.. saiz yg kengkadang orang jual sekilo rm10, rm11, rm13 tau.. bosa hoccay.. :)

udang laut pelbagai saiz.. dari udang rencah ke udang yg rege sekilo rm30 tuh okay.... baru aje siap siang udang tadi, tangan bengkak bagai sebab tercucuk udang, leceh tul kalau alergic nih.. :0
itu sahaja liputan mengenai makanan laut segar.. tunggulah sehingga ikan2, udang2 dan sesotong ini dimasak yee.. :) ..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

sketches, sketches on my memories wall..

I've been going back and forth lately in publishing my new entry.. hehe, mm, entahlah, lately pikiran tak flow, and idea just doesn't translate well into writing (wow, tetiba ala2 writer hebat yg ada writer's block)..tulis2, pas tuh save draft and later deleted.. hehe..and this one particular entry, i really want to get it right, terribly, sehingga sangat cuak untuk start to write about it.. well, this is just sooooo intimate, when i decided to share with you guys, i just didn't want u guys tak paham, what's the whole point menepek gambar bagai.. what's the whole point memikir ayat2.. hehehehe.. mmmmmmmmmmm.. wow, aku dah depressedkan korang ek?.. alaaaa, just enjoy the story.. tak paham pon takpe, maybe one day, God permits, u guys can understand.. :) ..oh, not in my konteks, in yer own konteks.. bilamana korang experience dalam kehidupan korang, korang akan paham, how did i felt while writing this.. and masa tuh kita boleh le look at each other (err, tak semisti bertentang mata, ini metaphor loh), and we can say, hey sister, we're on the same page.. hahaha.

oh, ini antara sketches yg come with hubby dude letters.. i know hubby dude would agree that we didn't try to sell him as a good sketcher, the point is, this is what he did.. selain menghantar surat to me.. sketching is the other little small sweet things.. so, it's not more bout the sketches, it's more about the effort.. hahaha, and i am not the muse si cantik jelita, sejelita maya karin atau sapa2lah yg korang rasa lawa.. so takyah la buang karen pi kutuk apa kes nak lukis minah ni.. haha. it must be a different thing for hubby dude to angkat pensel and starts doing this..anda sudah ada kekasih? dan dikasihi?.. it's that thing.. the feelings so aching that somethime u need a medium to translate.. u write, u sketch, u paint, err, sapa berjiwa negetif, ko tendang pasu, pintu rumah, tumbuk dinding, hahahaha.. rasa dalam hati yg soooo overwhelmed it needed to let out..

okay, ini (gambar paradise di atas ini and sketch ink kat bawah)the last two things hubby dude left for me before he flies off to UK.. yg atas a photostat paste-up story from citer comic dia.. hellshock kot.. he tries to let me know, how exactly, he felt about me.. err, since masa tu kitorang at the heights of problem relation.. and aku tak really guna telinga and hati to understand him.. this was his resort to make awek dungu dia paham, apa yg he's been trying to tell.. nampak tak the cut out conversation box tu?.. hehe, itu adalah my task kat mesia masa tuh to figure out apa the two character exchanged words.. hehehehe.. oh, sungguh awek kayu, sampai kena buat comic sindri untuk kasik dia paham..
dan ini pulak.. sbelum ituuuuu, tolong jgn flag my blog, sila baca, bukan saje menepek pic ini, jika tiada bersebab, hehe.
gambar ini would be his 'monalisa'.. the piece he poured everything.. (err, tetiba aku rasa he stopped sketching after this one last piece).. it was made from ink botol tuh (yg buat isi dalam fountain pen)..
aku masa memula dapat, sedikit blur.. hehehe.. coz the picture too graphic.. hahahaha, and too pornographic.. hahahahaha.. yeeee, saya mmg suka konpius cara tak snonoh..
but from hubby point of view.. gambar ini bermaksud..yg dia akan take care of me no matter what.. he'll be my savior.. he'll be the protector.. mmmmmm, everythin yg masuk konteks itu..
and today, he does nothing but proves that.. he knows before i knew that he's the most suitable match for this chaotic person.. free spirit but need so much guidence.. good hearted but didn't know how to use it.. always bored and always need pak lawak by her side, he fills the void.. he complement me in so many ways.. i have nothin else to do but just improved so that he knows that i'm a suitable match for him too..
hahaha, there will be just one more entry bout us bila dah dekat anniversary nanti, hahahaha.. so, sapa dah bosan, jgn risau, dah nak abis cerita jiwang karat dah..
bai.. mood ni hari macam robot.. blur aje, kenapa pulak?

Friday, July 17, 2009

aku nak pi esok.. tinggalkan semuanyaaaaa.. hahaha

tinggalkan blog le, kengkadang rasa macam tinggalkan anak kucing pulak kat umah, sbenonya cuma nak balik kampng hubby dude aje hehehe, ucap babai sana sini, ngada sgt kan.. hehe.. sejak menjak poyo nulis blog nih, rasa macam ramai kawan lak.. errr, aku tidak berpijak didunia nyatakah?.. ^__^.. oleh itu aku akan pergi ke kampung sambil tinggalkan barang satu dua cerita.. cerita lagi?.. dah aku nih rich ngan memori.. korang dipaksa baca la gak kan.. macam biasa.. macam tak biasaaa..

siapa lepas SPM kena pi kem BTN, angkat tangan?.. hahahahaha, sapa angkat tangan, aku dah nampak bulu ketiak korang.. err, sorry, lawak tak kelakar, aku tau.. saja je, manalah tau, ada yang nak baling aku ngan selipar ke.. (tadi makan durian, aku rasa gas durian tuh dah masuk kepala, mcm gas yg dlm citer 'lethal weapon 3' tuh, yg diorang bagi kat apek tua kat dentist sampai apek tua tuh hi and tergelak2 sambil part ngan rahsia.. aku rasa sama ajelah effect gas durian nih)..

okay, aku pi sambil angkat beg mizuno besar gila sampai aku tak larat angkat naik bas and hampir 50% isi perut dalam beg tuh tak berguna/pakai pon.. moral kecik di sini, err, bawak aje baju cukup2.. apa barang bawak beg sampai bahu nak roboh kan..

kat kem tuh di suatu kawasan di selangor, aku bertemu kembali dgn sgt ramai budak skolah lama aku.. ramai azab, ramai gilaaaa, ramai ramai.. yg tak bestnyaaa, orang2 yg dua tiga kerat rapat ngan aku masa kat mrsm takde la pulok terpelanting sama ngan aku (ke ada?.. aku lupa laaa).. maka aku kembali dikelilingi dgn manusia2 yg aku kurang percaya dalam hidup.. dislike gila perasaan sedemikian..

seperti biasa, diorang akan pecahkan bebudak itu semua kepada group kecil, yg senang dimanage, senang di'brain-washed', senang ditakut-takutkan.. divide and conquer... hehe, wow, skang aku berpikir seolah hitler.. tak sia2 mak aku hantar aku pi skolah..

aku?.. terpelanting dalam group yg ada 3 aje budak pompuan(sorang bukan budak skolah aku), and lelaki mmm, mungkin 5, 6 orang kot.. and at least 2 orang tuh budak skolah lama aku.. budak pompuan budak skolah aku itu, budak pompuan yg mentel, manja and tak seswei ngan jiwa aku.. budak2 lelaki itu pula, seorang berjawatan besar di skolah and seorang mamat yg tak pernah buat pasal ngan aku, malahan bertentang mata juga tidak pernah.. aku stok2 aje yg idup aku akan siksa kena layan minah dalam group aku tuh.. hehe, kejam kan aku..

ari perkenalan sesama group, fasilitator tanya sapa satu skolah, majoriti dalam group aku satu skolah.. maka tasknya fasilitator bagi masa untuk mereka yg satu skolah untuk buat cerita pendek pasal orang yg mereka kenali itu.. aku pon kata, 'aloh, mudah aje.. ', hehe little did i know.. hmmph.

maka, standard le, budak lelaki dulu la kan..

budak lelaki berjawatan, talk about me - oh, dia ni.. mm, mm, (alemak, aku lupa le dia cakap apa?.. hahahaha.. dia cakap biasa ajelah, tak rapat, tapi tak tau kot.. something like that..)

budak lelaki yg tidak pernah bertegur sapa, aliran pun tak sama, talk about me,
muka serious nih.. korang jgn, tak serious sapa nak caya cakap kita kan..
oh, dia ni nakal, saya slalu dengar pasal dia, yaddi yadda, blah blah, cakap buruk, cakap buruk cakapx10 suma buruk2..

wow, nak terbalik kerusi aku dengar jawapan dia, muka aku berubah, malu okay ngan fasilitator.. 1st impression dah masuk longkang for sure.. hehe, melaon punya mamat, dalam hati dah niat jahat dah nak kata dia barang dua tiga periok, tipu pun tipu la kan.. sapa suruh ko carik pasal ngan aku..

turn aku pulak, yeeeah

aku cakap pasal mamat berjawatan
'oh, yang saya tau dia pemes ames kat skolah.. dia ada jawatan, dia buat kerja jawatan dia la kan..(jawapan aku ubah suai le sikit nih, hehehe.. lebih kurang le)..

aku cakap pasal mamat yg lagi sorang.. hehehe
'oh, sbenarnya saya tak prasan pon dia kat skolah.. cakap pon tak pernah, macam mana dia boleh tau banyak sgt pasal saya pon saya pelik'.. buat muka inesen.. hahahahaha

amik ko, dia lagi terkedu dari aku.. hahahahaha, aint that sweet.. hihiiii

oh, tpi ada moral lagi.. kan ada minah yg satu skolah ngan aku tuh.. setelah satu group, aku pon dah mengenali dia lebih rapat.. rupanya dia seorang yg pleasant, mmg dia mentel and manja and ngada.. tapi dia baik hati..and tak kisah pon kawan ngan aku.. aku sampai skang kalau berborak ngan bekas budak skolah aku, kalau the topic bout her timbul, kalau diorang ala2 snicker ready nak ngata dia.. aku akan back up and kata she's actually nice.. seriously.. :)..

and budak yg ngata aku tuh?.. towards the end kem BTN tuh, kitorang ada kena trekking , korang jgn, he actually boleh terkeseng-keseng nak borak ngan aku and try nak buat lawak.. (dalam group discussion yg hari2, aku dah close minded dah, buat tak nampak aje kat dia, tpi aku still jadik diri sendri, buat lawak and takde la sengaja carik gaduh ngan dia)..

moral, aku juga judge people, ternyata tersasar.. aku juga slalu di judge, mereka juga belum tentu benar.. maybe exterior orang berbeza, ada yg nampak ganas, mengada, bijak pandai.. tapi what's inside matters more, don't you think?

hopefully lepas nih, bila kita tempted nak judge people, bagi sedikit leeway, not all is like it seems.. judging is fine, it's shape yer choices, which is pretty important, takkan ko nak redah aje kan, main masuk semua jenis buat kawan, kang kena tipu percuma aje.. but, yes a little leeway memungkinkan kita menemui manusia yg berbeza, maybe unik, maybe a good person afterall..

dont you think?.. sungguh alanis morisette

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nasi Daging Utara Tijah

Okay, saya mengaku, saya jejes air liur tengok nasi daging utara tijah, dah lama dah, sejak saya browse blog dia.. tpi saya memang pemalas nak masak, nak ikutkan hati,tunggu ajelah tijah jemput datang rumah, tapi perkara tersebut tidak tercapai, hahaha
maka stelah membeli daging di pasar malam andalas (minggu lepas rm12, minggu ini rm14.. keji okay), saya pon masaklah hari ni..
sedap, sedap.. dagingnya empuk lembut, nyummy.. kerana saya cheat sikit, rebus pakai pressure cooker.. hahahaha, hubby dude slalu melecet gusi kalau makan daging tak empuk..
thx tijah for the recipe.. :) .. baru je sarap nasi daging lagi.. burrp.. hahaha

HI.. :)

Okay.. I think there are few new readers lately.. pertamanya, hai kawan2 lama.. kawan2 masa sekolah.. :).. ngehehe.. and juga rakan2 kerja suami.. hi , mau tahu rahsia mengenai rakan sekerja, sila tinggal nombor kontek disini.. saya will part with juicy details for a fee.. hahahahahahahaha, saya tipu, takkan saya nak jual laki saya.. anyway.. hope my level of language is bearable.. saya budak skolah tak habis.. yet, saya baca suratkhabar hari2.. err, almost everyday, since life saya berblogging ni, saya jadi super pemalas, heh, none of NEC business rite..

well, now there's new issues arises.. what kind of entry yg should I write.. mm, nak cerita pasal skolah, I malu lak kat kengkawan, macam airing innerwear lak.. korang la, yg baca diam2 tuh, nasib baik korang roger aku kat fb, kalau idak apa2 ntah lagi aku cerita.. buat malu kompeni aje..hahaha..

nak cerita pasal jiwang, malu lak kat colleagues laki I.. ye, saya panggil itu colleague of yers hubby dude.. sebab saya tak panggil dia 'abang', or 'baby' or 'anja'.. oh, kat rumah saya panggil dia sayang, bila conflick free, kalau I marah I panggil.. toot, toot, mana adaa.. i panggil suma endearment aje..hahaha, I tipu, serious..

tapi bila difikirkan balik.. saya tulis ajelah apa saya nak.. it may be a phase, korang maybe just come this one time and think this blog is soooooooooooooooooo boring, korang tak akan datang lagi esok.. duh, i pandai gak prasan kengkadang, yang i nih menghiburkan, hahahaha..tapi I tak kecik hati kalau korang dumped me for a better blog.. haha,

pandai kan I merapu.. tu la, i dah kata.. blog ini mungkin bosan..

peace u all.. esok i hapdate pasal mende2 yang I teringat lagi.. wow, aku skang dah ber'I', dari wa, ke aku ke saya, skang I.. hehe..

hingga ketemu lagi

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gerai Nasi Lemak Sri Sarawak -follow up-

Okay, ini adalah entry follow-up dri blog KOG, one of her frens (watierman)suggested a nasi lemak place, since so dekat ngan rumah saya, why not I sample, hehe.. (siap ari nih bangun tido takde rasa haus2 kat tekak and boleh sangat nak puasa, tapi tetiba sungguh rasa nak makan nasi lemak, dan telah melego niat baik berpuasa itu demi sepiring nasi lemak, aku manusia yg lemah, hehe)

ari ni pakai camera baru, hahahaha.. selama ini saya sgt cinta ngan casio digital saya.. brand yg orang jarang beli, but i'm so seriously sangat sayang akan camera itu kerana hasilnya slalu memuaskan, but guess what, hehe, lumix aint bad too..

bout the nasi lemak, kalau betul lah ini yg kedai yang watierman maksudkan, i've noticed it dah lama, rumah tokeh kedai ini sbelah kedai, rumah tokeh corner lot, and deretan kedai nih sbelah rumah dia, they occupied 3 lots kot of the deretan kedai, kalau pepagi, hanya mereka yg berniaga kat deretan ini.. pelanggannya saaaangat ramai.. dulu saya pernah makan twice, but never the nasi lemak... makan lontong and soto.. not really promising, as for my tekak, so, i didn't give much thoughts to come again..

but, today, here again, me and nad nak rasa lak nasi lemak dia..

saya order nasi lemak ayam goreng.. nasi tak wangi, tiada rasa santan atau bau wangi pandan.. TAPI sambalnya sedap dan ayam gorengnya juga rangup dan sedap.. make it up untuk nasinya yang kurang.. sambal sedikit manis, but i always love a hint of sweetness dalam sambal (coz i know tijah tak suka masakan savoury berasa manis, tul kan tijah?, hahaha).. so, saya agree ngan watierman, yg this place boleh dianggap menyediakan nasi lemak yg boleh tahan.. :) ..

plus point, pelbagai bangsa makan disini, dan pelbagai jenis group of people, ada polis traffick, ada anak muda berpakaian formal batik( ada function kot), people with office attire, apek balik jogging ngan mem nya, indian guy ordering nasi lemak ayam sambal lebih.. instantly,i like the place, rasa macam balik batu pahat sebab kat sana makan place slalu ada pelbagai manusia and suma easily shares a smile, something lacking kat lembah klang ni..

so, that's it my follow up of the day.. :)

cerita pasal judging people

let see.. apa akan diceritakan hari ini?.. cerita lama lagi le

satu hari hubby dude and I balik jalan2/dating.. sampai kat hostel ITM saya.. kebetulan, seorang schoolmate lama saya ada kat lobi hostel saya.. me and the ol'schoolmate, never talk ever in our schooling life, prasan presence each other kat skolah, maybe.. haha, obviously la kenal..

hubby dude and my x-schoolmate, jumpa masa english course kat MLA after SPM.. in talking terms.. :) ..

I sort of angkat tangan kat mamat tuh, ala2 'heiya mate!'.. ahaks..yelah, walau tak pernah talk to each other, takkan nak myombong or rude after schooling years kan?.. (filler - adik mamat tuh satu hostel ngan saya, sebab tuh dia terjonggol kat situ..).. oh, dia seakan tak sudi layan 'heiyaa' saya itu..

oh, sbelum itewwwwww, sila ingat reputation saya sbagai seorang KAPLA' YEA YEAH.. it's pretty huge.. ahaks..

tanpa disangka, mamat x-school itu dgn gaya heroic telah memanggil hubby dude jauh dri saya and cakap pelan kat dia(slow talk, people)..

lepas settle cakap2 itew, hubby dude pon balik le lepak ngan I..

apa kata mamat tuh?.. I asked

hubby dude ngan muka sposen kata , 'well (sort of, tak brapa ingat le apa hubby dude kata, lebih kurang la kay), dia said that I shouldn't date you..'

I was terribly offended ngan mamat itu, but hubby dude really take it slamber (I story mory lots bout my schooling years to him, so half of the terperanjat is oredi off the scale for him, but I was really terperanjat, mamat itu is the least person i thought will attack me, kerana dia budak baik, hahahaha)..

moralnya, hubby dude still dated me, bertahun after the 'advice'.. and we're happily married skang, ain't that sweet, sweet, sweet, hehehehe..

moral lagi, haha, jgnlah kita judge people sebegitu teruk, bila saya pikir, mamat tuh tak berhak langsung bagi 1sen worth of thought about me pon, he never knew me at all.. hanya pelbagai legend zaman skolah circulated, kebanyakan aku tak pernah buat pon, but tak kuasa nak said 'it aint true people'

and i guess hubby dude passed the test long before I noticed ..ain't that shweet.. boleh bayang tak kalau dia take heed on the so called advice..

and to the guy, i wish him happy life, aku tak kuasa dendam kat hang, but aku wonder ada tak pluang dalam hidup ko nanti nak kenal hati budi aku.. ahaks, mana tau suatu hari kereta ko terbongkang rosak kat hiway, perhaps aku le manusia yg akan brentikan kereta, will u say no, or would I retract my help?..

ponder ponder..


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

8 precious years oredi?..

Hari ini hari jadi anak saya yang pertama.. mari saya cerita kisah anak saya yang berusia 8 tahun ini......

Yassmine Rudin Azreen
Kenapa Yassmine with double 's'?.. semasa saya mengandungkan dia, ada snippet from a paper cerita seorang palestinian teenage girl yang bernama Yassmeen.. saya tak berapa pasti mengenai apa, but definitely cerita struggle palestinan people.. it's got to do dgn jenayah yang orang israel tuduh the girl doing.. but I'm not really sure anymore.. there's sort of hazy memory in my head, but I rather not tell it because I'm not so sure..

that's how the name 'Yassmine' terpilih, hubby dude didn't like the 'Meen', so we adopt the "Mine'.. it was suppose to be Yassmine Josephine, as for Joseph, as for 'Yusuf'.. hehe, but nenek wa tak rock, she was so freak out takut cicit pertama dia nama macam pelik, we didn't adopt the full name we want, hahaha..oh, josephine juga adalah lagu me and hubby dude like.. :) ..

so, ketika itu, 2 first time parents, memilih nama ini supaya Yassmine will get thru all the struggle in her life, Yassmine for a bunga name too, wangi and comel, kerana bunganya kecil2, bunga yang white in color.. so that she stays pure..

Yassmine is always a dad's daughter.. sedari kecil, dia tersangat banyak ragam, saya selalu tak berdaya nak figure out what she wanted.. she cried a lot, and always refused to sleep, hubby dude will dukung dia, and berdiri sambil moving around so that the little Yassmine can go to sleep.. :) .. she always throw herself to her dad everytime hubby dude balik kerja.. hehe.. at time, rasa terpinggir for the bond those two have..

tapi bila Yassmine besar, she mirrored lots of me in her. The way she thinks, the little annoying things she does, selera makan, the way she talks.. hahaha, she's the little me.. ooohh, scary, hahaha..

hari ini, anak ini berusia 8 tahun.. and growing up soooo fast.. it's aching just trying to remember how small she was, and now she's happily living her life.. aching because when u tried to remember all things that's sweet, yer heart get this fast rythm, it sort of hurt, 'good' hurt, not 'bad' hurt, pernah rasa?.. hehe..

mama wishes u all the best in this world.. even you're always papa's daughter, you're mine too.. maybe sometimes I'm just this wired mom, who wanted to keep the household smooth and flow, and lots of bebel, that's just me being me.. no matter what, I love you..

oh, malam ni we got surprise cake for her, hahahaha


Monday, July 13, 2009

what should we call this rambling?

yeah yeah dapat alas meja baru, yeah yeah, hehehe.. saya nak hapdate.. buleh jugak kan?

Okay, firstly, I'm bored tahap maksima.. nak hiburan, nak hiburan, tolonglah...........(insert bunyik cengkerik).. mm, nampaknya takde sapa nak jadik volunteer la nih.. ampeh u all.. hehe..(itu curse manja aje, jgn lak kecik hati..)

citer la sikit.. (kualiti cerita diragukan sebab tak de set tone for this entry, MAKA, bare with me.. ^_^.. macam cute pedahal dah tua, hahahha)

ari tuh naik kereta sefamili.. jalan2 di bukit tinggi (walaupun nama macam pusat peranginan, bukit tinggi ini rendah, dan ia adalah tempat di klang saja.. tapi best wa cakap lu.. dah aku dok sini, kenalah kata best, heheh)

tetiba ada keter di hadapan.. keter yg banyak tampalan.

memula nampak sticker Transformer'..
'wow! sure boleh ubah jadik robot'.. -snicker-
cobaan aku nak buat lawak dalam kereta.. hubby dude buat tak layan.. ahaks.. i tipu, dia sengeh jugak, kalau dak, bini dia jadi hulk.. hahahaha..

pas tuh nampak lak ada sticker lain
'The Garang and The Laju'
'hahaha, tak garang dan tak laju pon.. apa2lah kereta nih'.. kata aku la, sapa lak lagi..

pas tuh hubby dude cakap
'u tak prasan ke?..


hubby dude cakap,

hahahaha, okay, aku mengaku.. kapla aku lambat translate.. take the sticker as the face value.. hahaha.. tapi kalau vin diesel nampak nih, sure dia gelak golek.. hahaha

oh by the way, cuma kereta iswara aeroback aje.. hahahaha.. i tak kisah kereta apa orang drive, tapi tolong la bawak jet turbo sbelum nak jadi sgt garang and sgt laju di jalanan .. heheheh.. tolong, tolong la kopek sticker ituuuuuuuuuuuu..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plojek masak2..

Smalam kan, memalam buta, teringin jugak nak masak .. walau tau dah malam.. hari sabtu lakiku merayau mencari tayar.. so, takde mood nak tengok dapoq, mengadap computer bagai zombie(kalau petang kira zombie jugak ke?), bila dia pulang, mood bertukar menjadi beburung riang, terus nak masuk dapoq, nak jugak masak.. maka projeknya adalah, jeng jeng jeng

toad in a hole(lagi ke?) and Upside-down honey cheesecake

walau gambar cheesecake dulu tapi sbenonya masak toad-in-a-hole dulu.. lantak le mana2 gambo yg kluar kan..

okay, sequence gambar ini sangatlah terbalik.. yg ini gambar yg terkini diambil, pagi2 tadi bersarapan dgn makan cheesecake.. sungguh melayu murtad kan, tetiba rasa tadi rambut trus jadi blondie.. u know what i mean (dgn setail jamie oliver bercakap)

sungguh telah menggoda laki untuk mendapatkan raspberi itu ye di pagi sabtu.. manja2 di jaya jusco.. maka hubby dude telah belikan dgn syarat rela dicemeti .. hahahahahaha, acah ajo.. korang nih.. gilo tak snonoh..

gambar cheesecake yg sama, angle aje yg lain, oh, cheesecake ini individual mould.. maka takyah potong2 or kongsi2..

haaa, ini yg baru masak, makan pukul 2 pagi bleh.. walau disuruh chill, tukang masak dah mroyan nak jugak makan malam tu juga..

masak start pukul brapa?.. pukul 12.. oo, lupa lak, hubby dude nak take the credit sebab tatkala baru nak memutar cream cheese dgn gula, my sis called and kitorang borak sampailah hubby dude siap buat semua.. i cuma tolong bakarkan aje, heheh..

oh, by the way, tadi terpakai lagi gula cap giant yg barua tuh, so, the honey syrup is a little bit gritty kerana gula hasad itew.. sungguh suka musnahkan masakan ahkak tau..

ini pula dinner di malam ahad itu.. hari tu kan tak puas ati presentation tak gah, buat lagi skali guna recipe jamie oliver la pulok, rupa turn out better tapi rasa lagi sedap resepi yg ari tuh, maka, moralnya, guna resepi ari tuh, and masak style jamie.. boleh apa main kawin2kan recipes..

haa, cam pokok rosemary lak tumbuh tang akunya mekanan.. lantakkan..

okaylah, nak sidai baju and tido.. till later semua.. rasa macam ramai aje yg baca (oh, akak manusia prasan, korang sabar aje la ngan aku kan).. napa suma dok dediam aje.. tak kisah le, hope i didn't offended anybody.. epi reading and vavai.. :)