Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yasmin, u said it best.. (the last advertisement she made for singapore sumtin, got wind of this advertisement from here, thxs for that..)

hubby dude, hope u get this..

this is just super sweet..

imperfection, imperfection, flaws and annoying little things..
it what makes u such a different person,
just not the same with the next walking person..
be it so little, or a tiny speck..
keep it just that people will always remember u
for that little things u made not the same as others.


Tijah said...

i cried ok!

hantumakan said...

aku juaaaaaaaaaaaa..

leha said...

sungguh menusuk kalbu... waaaaa

hantumakan said...

:).. it's simply beautiful kan jo kukhatas cakap ( i think that's the real indian wife name..)