Monday, October 26, 2009

to cosmos with love

Dear concern parents,
I understand that choosing the right kindergarden is a big decision because as a parents our kids well being is the utmost important thing in our live. Be it a simple act as sending them to a pre-school, because we know it is crucial to choose the best school. It will shape the early foundation of their schooling years.

I personally drilled, asked myriad of questions, and drilled again about everything to know about Cosmos Kindergarden when I first met the Principle, Ms Mary Anne and that would be in year 2006. My first child, Yassmine was about to start her pre-school. I understand the need to know everything about your child caretaker because they, your kids are your biggest investment to date. And here you are about to trust Cosmos Kindergarden with the precious ones.

I am more than happy to endorse Cosmos Kindergarden because I believe in the school ability to shape and direct our kids to be a good student in their future schooling life. I personally think that Ms. Mary Anne is a mother figure because she not only teach the kids to read, count and speak in English, she also instill good disciplines and learning ethics as well. She is also a loving person and many times I witnessed her love and how the kids simply love her back.

It had been almost a year my second kid finishes her pre-school in Cosmos Kindergarden, and she is doing well in her primary school. She got number 1 in her last semester’s exam. As for my first daughter, she was number 1 in both semesters in Year 1. And for this year, she is in the first class and she was the fifth in her class, and it is safe to say that she is the fifth in the whole Year 2.

I must agree that being the top of the class is not the only important thing for us, parents. I again assure you that Ms. Mary Anne never force the kids to learn, it is more a holistic kind of approach. I remember Ms Mary Anne said to me that they are still kids afterall. Being playful and happy are the doses needed to keep them interested in the learning process in the first place.

And Cosmos Kindergarden also mirrored our society in whole where kids from three main races schooling under the same roof. Something really important that I think us as parents should consider.

All I can say is that I am singing all praises. And still feel grateful for all the things she done for my two daughters. Feel free to contact my number if you are concern about the authenticity of the letter. I wish all the best to all concerns parents in making this crucial decision.

A concern parent as well,

Teacher kindie min and aya suruh aku tulis little s/t sebab dia nak buat brochure. aku still rasa grateful for things she done for my kid maka aku buat letter. :)


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Che La said...

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iya.. :).. awak duduk klang gak ke?