Tuesday, December 1, 2009


okay, confession 1 - aku dulu bukan minat pun kat rain, bila dia buat iklan 'my name is rain', aku gelak mcm nak mati, mcm haramjadah.. hahaha

confession 2 - aku tengok video clip dia pun aku gelak, sebab macam poyo apek korea ni nak jadi justin timberlake/rapper/maikel jeksen.. okay, tak tercapai dek akai ku..

okay, dah warwarkan yg aku tak rasa rain adalah sejenis heart throb, heart aku langsung tak throbing kalau tengok mamat sepet ini.. dah habis mengaku dah, dah habis, korang dah caya lum aku tak minat rain, hehehe..

~cop, memerut jap, sori laaa, tak tahan~

okay, last saturday, aku and hubby dude pi carik tiket wayang astro boy (kids been nagging to see it) kat bp, johor, okay, kat sana skang dah ada 3 cinemas, but tak de yg really show all the movies available, never a one-stop cinemas hub i guess, pi singgah bp mall dulu, check2 takde animation yg available, and min dah cakap taknak xmas carol jim carey, okay, mama noted that,

tapi aku prasan ada midnite for esok malam (hari carik was on friday malam sat) NINJA ASSASSINS, knowing hubby dude sure nak tengok citer adrenalin rush and reaping the moment boleh tengok midnite sebab mak boleh tolong tengokkan kids, aku pun beli tiket..


RAIN ROCKS, seriously, sangat, banget, supa dupa..

cerita ini sangat best, serious sumpah tak tipu. rain can act, and mata sepet dia tak menjadi pemisah lagi antara kita, heh, yg itu karut..

plot wise, ceriter ini tak complicated, yet really far from being flimsy.suma watak ada purpose, suma gaduh ada reason, there's no loose ends macam citer action yg lain, yg mana kau gaduh for gaduh sake.

and the action was pure asian, when i say that, i mean i hate when western directors or actor yg akan memerlahankan martial art sehingga ilang edge tangkas dan fluidity dalam gerakan kungfu mende2 seperti itu, sebab itu 'the matrix' works, the freeze action tuh, sebab dia freeze bukan slow.. okay, aku dah start cakap urdu, sure orang dah menguap baca.

gist - ninja assassins best gila, a different class of action movie, rain rocks , his body rocks,

*--*, matilamak buat konfessi yg badan rain rocks, hahaha

ps-i'm in a midst of watching dexter season 4, dah settle criminal minds season 4 (hingga episode yg available i mean) and downloading supernatural newest season despite of ke'frust'san last season yg mcm mangkuk, tak habis pun tengok, hehe


Ita Shadila said...

i am drooling over aaron aziz skang nih.. sungguh sepet sungguh macho altho jd duta loreal.. at least rain iklan syampoo

hantumakan said...

haha, aaron ajis?.. well he's definately a good actor

Ita Shadila said...

sila google gambar dia.. model spender juga *pitam*

nurulhuda said...

haahah yaya!!! i watched ninja ni jgk!! toughnye bdn rain.. lagi2 mase die work out atas nail board tu.. aishhh... aishhh, trus hilang mr jack kt sebelah.. ahha. gotta agree, good movie.. kak n penakut so ade tutup2 mata tp tetap best...

hantumakan said...

ita - hahaha, malulah nak google, mcm cari pin-up poster lelaki vogel 'pose jejes air liur', hahaha

k.N - kan, kan kan, tpi kita brutality boleh stomach, not citer hantu, i was wincing but tak le sampai tutup mata, hehe

julie said...

noted, aku pun nak gi tengok ninja assasin, have to see if rain's body really rock -- macam budak taylor lautner tu.. hihi...

hantumakan said...

julie, confession, aku amat terguda nak tengok new moon lepas baca review kau, hahahaa.. but i didn't.. but almost, no good reason for not going, hehe, but have no good reason to go watch it either.~okaym maybe mamat wolf itew~

Mazu said...

iye kak dalia? dexter dah season 4??? tak tau..hehehe... ingatkan sampai 2 je

hantumakan said...

aiyoyo mazu, sgt ketinggalan okay kalau ingat season 2.. :)

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