Saturday, January 16, 2010

what u give, you'll get back

what goes around,
comes around.. mmg betullah

tahun lepas, ada skali aku tolong hantar budak balik skolah kerana van skolah mereka ditched from fetching them back home. 2 sets of siblings, 1 set chinese and 1 set malay. i didnt think the parents knew it was me who sent their kids back home.

sometime after in the middle of second semester, a mom knocked at my door..
minta jasa baik saya untuk bawa anak-anaknya pulang dari skolah.
turned out, she's the malay set of sibling parent.
i said, sure why not
she said how much she should pay.
i said takpelah since mmg i fetched my kids back home everyday pon.
she gave me rm30 every month without failed.
and then another mom approached me to fetched her kids as well.
she paid me another rm30.

and then during the school annual sports day,
i tegur the mom again..
she said would i tutor her kids..
i said i'll asked my hubby 1st.
my hubby said yes.
i said yes to the mom.
then another mom asked me,
then came another, and another.

up till today,
i am tutoring 8 kids. dah masuk 2 weeks pun
i want to think that i asked for a minimal fee, (the topic of fees kan subjective,)
and now i think i am having fun having a group of kids pestering me for answers ..
it sometime is funny, sometime there were few that tested yer blood pressure..
but i think deep inside i found joy in funny fate twisted turn of my life..
hahahaha.. the once-upon-a-time should be TESL teacher but didnt..
guess the path of ours at time in past that we thought so insanely impossible since parents foretold us to do, but in present when you embarked in it willingly bring different kind of meaning.

and it all started with a simple gesture of extending a helping hand.
chicken soup for the soul isnt?


Daun Bidara said...

wahhh, bagus ni dah masuk bidang baru ni.. daun suka baca pengalaman gini

hantumakan said...

tengs for supporting.
minta2 saya blajar dgn mereka juga.. :)

Neny said...

wah, good to hear this...kalau ikhlas , insyaallah semuanya ada ganjaran. Mana tau one day u gonna have ur own tution centre :)

-dal- said...

pesan aku cuma satu... tolong naikkan tution fee semester depan, hehehhe

hantumakan said...

neny - wow, itu sungguh advanced :), but who knows.;)

lina -wah, kau lagilah mengapi kan.. muahaha, takut nih mana tahu ada budak balik ngadu, trus bulan depan pun takde budak tuition, muahaha

afendi ariff said...

slamat pg cikgu...

Anonymous said...

wah...cekgu lah pulak...
don blood go upstairs tau!!

mama harith & nia said...

bravo.. now if only we live near your house, boleh ong sub-con transportation and tutoring for harith kat hang. By the way, dah register him for "real school". gosh i feel old! :P *going thru my mid 30-s crisis*

hantumakan said...

afendi - chait, jgn bro panggil gua cikgu. tak layak. :)

ibusinga - takdelah, kalau go upstairs, free consultation still open kan?.. :)

aza - wow, real school? anak fila pun dah masuk skolah. time goes really fast kan. :)

hatim a.r said...

buat baik dibalas baik.dan bak kata anak kak tijah they lived happily ever after. =)

hantumakan said...

cute kan, anak kak tij, buka kau, hahaha.. ;)