Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hubby take on the tagg.. :)

First time jumpa with your wife bila dan kat mana?
on 1 typical day of going back from class during PPP time. Saw this short haired babe, with a TESL guy (I fucking hate that guy), I guessed they’re going out together… hahaha.. so at that time, I was talking to myself “ that girl should have dumped the guy and date me instead”.. hahaha.. guess what ..SHE DID!!

Love at first sight?
yeah! From the moment I saw her I knew she’s the one for me. It just “clicked”. I am normally attracted easily to shorthaired girls with a bit tomboy-ish appearance. That was the start, but as I got to know her more each day, made me realized she’s more than I could ever imagined.

Who is she when the first time u met her?
a TESL student, studying at the same place with me. Wished we knew each other earlier so that we can go out more frequently back then. But maybe ada hikmahnya. I might have failed my A level and she might have failed TESL earlier and both of us won’t be here today. Yea la.. 24-7 I was thinking about her.. how to study?

How long it takes for you to ask her out for a date?
hahaha.. tak nak jawab boleh? Ok la, a year ++ kot. Well, bitter lessons with girls made my self-confidence grew thin, cant blame me on that. So, I was kirim-salaming for a year, so that I won’t look too desperate… hahaha.. well, at least I was brave enough to go to talk to her at the pasar malam, in the middle of the crowd, just to wish her luck for the exam. Hahaha.. pls give credit for being courageous

1st place dating di..
subang parade. 11am. Meet up in front of the hostel. I was nervous like hell. I was this lonely loser, she was looking so stunning in the red shirt. My heart was pounding like it was going to burst out of my chest for the first 10 minutes when we waited for the bus. Luckily we talked a lot and finally the panic subsided. But masa mula2, memang banyak “comfortable silence” hahaha . I was a reticent type of guy

How you proposed?
there were never official one or particularly remembered one because each time I tried to, she will change the subject. So, instead of trying to ask her to marry me, I decided that I give myself to her - feelings, love, soul.. the whole lot! I know it might sound strange to some people..

Special date with your wife?..
15 march 1996 – the date I asked her to be my gf. And the reply was “ OK”.. hahaha.. never thought it to be that simple. But that reply really made my day!

Changes that she asked you to do??..
we both understand the we should accept our differences. I believe in equality in some aspects. I was slow in understanding how women think (differently from men). I guess, that might be one of her wishes since I tend to “missing the point” a lot when there’re arguments. Well, at least I got wiser now..

What about her that you love so much?.
her kind heart. The way she looks at life. The way she perceives things. I was 1 dimensional kind of guy who see apple as “apple”.. hence the explanation for “missing the point”.. hahahaha…

What is about her that you wish she would change?
none. Things happened for a reason, including the ugly ones. And most of the times, I think the ugly ones shape up the relationship.

You will lose your mind n crack your head when she?..
when there’s something hanging.. when she said “I’m ok” but I know she’s not. In short, when she bottled up..

You will smile thru your eyes for the whole day when she?..
just sits or lies beside me doing nothing. That is normally a starting to a great day.

Complete below sentences "my love towards my wife is as big as.."...
mmm.. the most expensive gold ring to a pauper, a table full of delicious food to a person been fasting for 3 months.. hahaha.. no lah, it’s indescribable ..

apparently i got the 1st date wrong, hehe, sorry dude.. mind of an ant..~ye saya paksa laki saya buat tagg, hahahahaha~


Tijah said...

alahai suwitnya habidude ko. laki aku tak pandai ah buat tag. tapi takpe. asalkan dia reloadkan smarttag aku udah. hikhik

hantumakan said...

tijah - betui jah, itu jugak fenting kaan.. :)

Anonymous said...

gelak kihkihkih baca komen Tijah...

Ita Shadila said...

so suwit.. paling ita syahdu, adalah HD sungguh2 membuat tag dgn penuh rasa berbunga2.. compared to mine.. specially the smiley eyes question & my love towards him is as big as - n i answered dinoso.. *pffftt*

hantumakan said...

ibusinga - owhh, tijah kan resident joker kat alam blog, hehe,

ita - gegegeeeee.. eh, by the way, he has more better memories than i am.. slalu nak tido paksa dia citer bout the 1st date thingy things like that.. he remembered down to exact baju i pakai and things we talked about, how cool is that.. macam ada layar pilem dalam otak dia..

afendi ariff said...

gelak jugak baca komen tijah!

hantumakan said...

afendi - aku da kata, dia residen joker.. :)