Monday, July 25, 2011

thirteen years ago..

Thirteen years ago,
there was a sad moment for a couple,
a couple just as real as you and me,

a madly-in-love boy,
asked his special girl friend,
to come to his hostel,
if she can.....
'if you can,' he said.

but his hope was high.......
coz seeing means everything,
it's like a vitamin capsule given,
to make a body stronger,
for one more day ahead,

coz seeing,
it was like breathing in air,
vital, so vital,
having not means living not,

the girlfriend,
name is she a girlfriend,
but her mind thinks she is all free,
'if you can' means really if she could have make it,
for she cares for his feeling,
but not knowing that the harm of her simple act,
of not coming can bring a terrible aches,
a terrible terrible aches,
it hurts believe me,
if you had never feel this kind of aches,
i dare say that you never really truly fell in love,
for this i claim.

oh no,
this plot is thicker than that,
it was not because because she thinks she is free,
there was a force of other wicked heart,
dare not the story be told,
for that it might stir and ol'wound,

she was in a bus,
heading for other place,
but the route it's taken,
right in front of the stricken-in-love boy's hostel,

for she fears she sees his face peeping from the window,
but from her seat,
sitting jittery,
she knew he was there,
looking at buses come and go..

he saw her,
'i see her i think'
'oh, she come, my love truly come'
'oh no, the bus moving, is she not in the bus?'

he waited but she never came...

but the ache was the most when he knows later,
it was her truly he saw in the bus,
why did you do this to me?

heart aches, heart aches,
learn one from heart aches,
the reason was lousy but the aches was real,
both learn a painful lesson,
one immediately,
one much later but painful it was still....


as much there is joy in love,
one can't run from pain while in love and loving....
kalau asyik ingat happy,
sesekali ingat sedihnya,



Lya Colours said...

eh kakak kita baru tau akak preggy bila tgk pic kat fb. bila due nya tuh. nampak mcm sarat je. selamat melahirkan ya =)

hantumakan said...

awaak, kita dah melahirkan anak yg besar gila.. :), tapi CHUMEL..... 24 june tu hari, hehe.. :)

DrSinga said...


membazir duit tambang bas je...

Lya Colours said...

oh dah melahirkan? ni update blog tengah berpantang la ni? ahaha selamat berpantang ye.

nurulhuda said...

yaya, 28/7 kan? mak+ayah kak N same date lain tahun kah? ngeh ngeh.. memori hostel

hantumakan said...

akak singa - hahaaaaaahaa, naik bas ke tempat lain, not really considered membazir, would it be?

lya chumel - trima kasih.. :), pantang pun dah ujung ujung dah..

kak N - kitorang 30th, pak ngah awai sikit.. bestnya pak ngah and mak ngah, dah brapa tahun anniversary dorang?