Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cerita orang bercaj positif

One thing about positive people is they are really infectious..

Last night I finally met the person who had been the bullying force behind my habidud new healthy habit, RUNNING that is.. hahahaaa
His vendor.. :)..
n he regaled us with his story..

like how he went up hiking (actually running up) Bukit Bendera so many time and made up to the train station in 1hour 10mins (secara purata) ,
It's an 11 km steep path going up..

and that he and his wife gonna celebrate his wife birthday in March going up to Mount Kinabalu, his 5th or 6th time up..
n going to naik the last steam train in Malaysia..(after mendaki that is, not in the same time silly)

Telling us  that he gonna join an event that need him to run 12km, cycle for 80km after and continues with some God-knows-how-many-more km-after run...

Telling us that we are joining 'Mickey Club run event' since we never tried half marathon...
oh, it's actually not 'telling' more ridiculing, hahahahaaa..
such puny people i felt that time.. :P
more puny on my part since the longest I've been participating is a mere 5km..

made me 'nganga' when he tell that he runs in the morning, swims after, plays squash in the evening, and if there's more time, he squeezes one last activity (i forgot what, maybe because there's lalat at the back of my throat and i was trying to spit it of lady-likely, hahaha)..
n now he took a new interest in cycling.. (gosh, forgot to ask him whether he done some robotic implant or something like 6 million dollar man or robocop thingy to his physique)

He told that he likes the feel his heart thumping..
the 'dup dap' thing..
the louder the better..
Made he feel that he is alive..

and when people said,
'what's with the economy..'
he'll said, 'what economy?'
because he knows, as long his heart thumping fiercely,
there's always reasons to live this life..

and tetiba balik rasa mampu nak lari Newton 10km....
di persekitaran berbukit di Kinrara...
tapi hari yang sama saya dah sertai errr
acara Kelab Mickey Mouse...
5km aje

Maybe next time..
tak tahan okay kena pelekeh..



eyda said...

Saya since 2008 tringin nk join night run kat putrajaya tu tapi sampai sekarang tak dpt2. Laki tak bagi. Mase 2008 alasannye anak kecik katanya. Sekarang ni, anak-anak la plak. Huhu.. Anak makin ramai.. But i support u kak.. ;)

hantulari said...

eyda, lari jo, make it happened, bring them together if u have too, ramai je org lari sorong stroller.. :)..