Monday, December 31, 2012


Morib Run 2012

Well people,
I am ending 2012 by totalling 156.1km running/walking..
Clocking 35:43 hours...
Some feat for lazy ass such myself..

I learn few lessons from few people..
One of my friend run for the cute medals or flashy dri-fit t-shirts..
I always ending up being jeles not parcitipating in her events..
As she said, she hates running and only worthy events shud have excess to her awesome liquid aka peluh.. hahhaahaaa..

and from other friend,
I learn being normal people,
We wont run and try the limit of our ability if not participating in event..
Being said that, I agree me being and participating in events,
It gave me some rush nice feeling before starting..
Seeing people warming up,
the sea of people wearing the same running vest/ t-shirts..
It kicks in the feeling of wanting to competing..
small part of me noticing, somebody always is somebody else secret rival, hahahaaa

As for me,
I always pick events because of the distance..
always 5km and below..
I dont give shit bout the baju and the medal..
And the highlight after events always the food they served, hahahhaaaaa
Nasi lemak, watermelon, 100 plus, Milo, Vico, energy bars, apples, yogurt,
Dem... i love eating but at least I try to justify it by working out before tucking in.. ;)

I am going to start 2013 by participating in 8km run.. hahahaaa
langsung tak pernah seumur idup lari 8km..
Maka dengan ini,
iringilah larian saya dengan doa..

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