Wednesday, November 20, 2013

AM BACK.. hehee (ada org cari kew?)

It's been a while.
Kinda busy with life.
I know I love to write karoot komedia (wah tak sangka i get to use d word, buahahhaa), n my thoughts,
but I kinda kept away from visiting my own blog.

While I am busy living my life,
Few events marked my life.

I rekindled with my ex-schoolmates
which was really an alien idea once upon a time,
Now I have new friends, a closed one, walau dulu-dulu kami tak really berkawan,
Different circles of friends I guess.
But now we are tight.. which is sooo nice,
sgt warmth having them.. cozy even, n cute too, kikiiiii
I mean not that we are cute (jgn bayangkan gwiyomi, dem muntah bubbling at the back of my throat, kamu dah knapa?)
The way we acted like we are still 17 is cute..
All the topics bengong kinda okayed to be talked about, hahahaa,

It's like a miracle WhatsApp brought us together (ini bukan iklan berbayar, segala pendapat adalah telus dari penulis).
When some of us mendapat rejki bulan jatuh ke riba,
Semua sepakat gembira,
When some of us mndapat dugaan, hardships n heartaches,
Never fail friends shoulder the test together,
Be it kind words, kata semangat, monetary......
N bila ada yg bawa beg designer, mmg sah beg itu akan kena harassed.. :P

I mean trying to maintain a good friends pun dah susah..
But here I am, having a second chance of knowing people for d person they really are..
D beauty is we kinda enriched each other..
N we truly enjoy d company..
N without fail, always someone akan cakap after some time, that having us now is fun..

Have to go for now...
I know now, if life gives you chances,
grabbing it might open so many other doors.
The least, if we try, always a lesson to be learned.
Be it.


Fazleyatul Aini said...

sekali lagi nak ucap tahniah buat anak akak berjaya dalam upsr tu


hantulari said...

awak, adik lya, thanks sgt.. ingat lagi kat kita awak ye, and ingat lagi awak nak kongsi saat happy kita, terima kasih dek

Dr Singa said...


3 inci!!!

hantulari said...

hahahaaa, akak, i mish uuuuuuuuuuu