Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yassmine's Big Exams

Assalamualaikum kawan-kawan,
I know my sharing kinda belated n stale..
But yostruli still feel it like it just happened yesterday,

Yassmine, is 12 this year. Just like any kids her age in Malaysia, she's one of the candidates of UPSR 2013. And being a muslim, I send her to SRA school also.
And on the same year same age, SRA also having it's final big exam, same as primary school which is call PSRA.

So, yes, it's kinda a big year for her.
Where the role me as a mom, I nagged her like it's freakin my business seeing her with any books or parchment of paper or anything readable educational anywhere any time.
I bet having me around is more challenging itself rather than sitting for double exams.. kikiiki...

No, I am not that kind of mom who chill back and let Min figures herself what's her plan.
Not that I hijacked her daily life and poured out into her book and dictated what to read, to study ...
But I was the one who standing long kat isle UPSR in book stores and choosing books for her.
I studied as much as her so that if she has a subjects prob, I can be the hero and safe her from the unknown arithmetic or science limbo...
I went to almost all school activities that needing me to be her partner, be it seminars, hajat solats, report card day, sports..
Hell ya I was being supportive.

So, finally when tv news anouncing the result is finally out, I cant help but to feel ngeri.
Since I am not much a fan of 'dah buat terbaik, sure terbaik juga resultnya', 'dah tersurat, so, what we can do now is wait and see'
Not that I am going to marah if x dapat the best, or x bersyukur, or redho..
I mean I need to see the result in front of my eyes on paper,
Barulah boleh bertenang and figure what to feel..
But I know I would be okay with what ever result Min dapat pun,
Be it good or not so good,
She s my beloved daughter, takkanlah sampai nk berhempuk and muncung just because

Alhamdulillah the result is the best a mom could ask for.
Min dapat 5A for UPSR and Mumtaz for PSRA.
Bersyukur tak terhingga rasanya.

(The first picture itu, a tear drop actually rolling down my cheek.. n turun pentas, I was literally on habidud's shoulder crying my heart out, took me 5minutes to stop n really got it off my chest, d pressure of d unknown is finally off..N d 2nd picture really summed up my feeling, I was beaming with pride of her success)


Fazleyatul Aini said...

sure akak sangat bangga dengan kejayaan min kan
semoga min dapat masuk asrama penuh
nanti mama dia takde kawan la pulak hehehe

Anonymous said...

congratulations to both of u !
- cekgu tumpang gembira :)